Reccommend me some knock about winter boots

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  • Reccommend me some knock about winter boots
  • Comfortable, not too heavy, mostly leather preferred, casual look, not a ton of laces!

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    ‘Winter boots’ for what purpose? Town or country? Active and breathable or insulated for more stationary pursuits?

    all purpose, nothing fancy dan, must have grip, the sort you can just pull on and go and not worry about! thinking robust, but not like a walking boot.

    i used to have a pair of cats ages ago that kind of thing maybe – Maybe doc martens is the way to go?

    tempted by these if i can find a pair converse jobbies.

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    timberlands? There’s a dark brown one that looks good

    Laces might be a prob, are you young/cool enough to be able to rock the half done up Timbs look?


    Frankly, I think the OP’s requirements are somewhat contradictory; if I’m going to be outdoors wearing a boot that’s going to be grippy, able to withstand muck and water, and is casual, then it’s, by the very nature of such things, going to look like this:

    Meindle Groden, or this, a pair of which I actually own, and wear when it’s cold and crappy;

    Meindle Soelden

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    If you’re allergic to laces – maybe Blundstones or Buckler’s non-safety range. Buckler’s laced non-safety boots are not very lacy – just 3 lace pairs of eyelets so on and off very easily.

    Not as easy to throw on and off but if you like the converse above theres leather versions of Paladiums

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    Alt Berg Defender army boots; Vibram sole, made in Yorkshire, light, get more and more comfortable each time you wear them.

    £200 or so for civilian equivalent walking boot new, or around £50 new on eBay…

    They do have laces, mind.

    I like Sorel Ankeny mid hiker. Warm enough for winter without looking like full on snow boots

    thanks all, some great suggestions. 🙂

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