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  • Reccomend me some good copter tape!
  • Looking for some good copter tape for my carbon road bike.I`ve previously used helitape from but whilst good on the mtb,its a little too thick to mould to the contours of my road bike and a bit too visible for visible areas like the top tube.

    So looking for something,relatively thin and easy to shape.

    Suggestions please?


    I use the Tesa tape which is not as thick as the 3M tape and better IMHO. I got it from Mike @ but I think he sells it on ebay too.


    i used this on my carbon mountain bike
    its virtually invisable.
    alternatively get some genuine 3M stuff off ebay


    Tesa tape is immense stuff. We use it in formula student, and although expensive at £25 a roll, it is ridiculously good as tape. Doesn’t tear/leak/abrade/slip, and is nice and formable for contours.

    Would probably do a good job as helitape, although it may not look as good as proper stuff, and so not sure if it would meet your need. It’s a satin black cloth look, doesn’t look bad with our carbon fibre, but I would have thought transparent would look better.


    I have used stuff by paragon tapes, on ebay:

    Not bad for 8.79 IMO, and it applies well, although I haven’t tried anything else


    I have used the Tesa tape and some 3M on my Five.

    Comments –

    3M is cut more accurately and has a nice shiny finish

    3M yellows after a while which doesn’t look good on a white frame or forks

    Tesa tape is a lot thinner BUT the edges seem to attract more dirt than 3M

    Tesa tape doesn’t yellow so on a white frame is a better bet than 3M

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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