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    Raleigh Chopper

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    You are likely to get a lot more smart/rude/vaguely amusing comments/pictures on here unless you give a bit more information such as what type of riding you do, whether you want gears/suspension etc. 😉


    Thanks Oxy.

    Ok, I am after a hardtail mountain bike, with suspension and gears.

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    For value, ie decent frame, and best components for the money, look at Merlin Cycles, Decathlon and Boardman. Since you’re looking to buy later this year, spend some time trying a few to decide on the style of frame, an keep an eye on Paul’s Cycles and Rutland cycle centre websites for when the end of season bargains kick in as new models arrive.


    I am looking to spend about £650 on a bike later this year, but I’m stuck for choice, can you guys help me decide, give me a few suggestions etc.. please?


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    Can’t go far wrong with a specialised Rockhopper – choose your budget/spec level.
    Merlin – this looks a good buy
    or Pauls as mentioned.


    I’d go for the Boardman HT Comp

    looks like a cracking bike on paper and the pro has been get good reviews.

    its what I’m getting when work finally sort the bike to work scheme out

    For value look at the Edinburgh bike co op stuff as well
    For example


    I just doubt that Halfords would be as good at sorting out warranty in a sensible period of time; Merlin do some great deals.


    Giant XTC 3 from JE James Cycles.
    Mate got one for mountain mayhem and it is a fantastic bit of kit.
    Also reduced from £750 to £550.


    A mate has got a XTC 3 and loves it.


    Aside from the Merlins/Boardmans which are obviously limiting on where you can purchase from, the Rockhoppers this year have been offering best value from the major brands in the £600-£1000 category.

    Everyone has similar costs to deal with so inevitably if you buy the bike with the best components you will end up with the cheapest frame, doesn’t always follow that cheap = bad – but at that price point the frame makes the biggest difference, not what rear mech its got on it.

    Offer wise not a huge amount floating about at that price point but we (mentioned above) have just taken a load of 09 Kona HT on which will be on clearance soon. Rockhoppers wont be as they are just about sold out, Marin have nothing left at all, Scott may be getting some slight tweaks on Scale/Aspects and if you stretch your budget a tiny bit more you might get onto a RM Vertex 10. Giant are pretty low on XTC too but Pauls tend to get first bite of the cherry on those.

    Its gonna be a tricky year for clearance stuff, lots and lots of stuff is sold out due to fairly (understandably) cautious sales projections from the distributors and therefore stock orders. Coupled with the fact 2010 stuff is going to see another slight rise lfl in price there is no reason to give the better value 09 stuff away… Interesting times 😕



    But only because I have one for sale over in the classifieds…

    – Chris


    Have a look at ‘Pauls cycles’ for some good deals on new 07,08 models, such as Giant xtc’s and Konas. Spend the money on a good frame and decent fork (probably a Rockshox Tora at that price) it doesn’t matter that your bikes not this years model. That said – a good local bike shop is worth its weight in gold when if you need repairs doing, they may be less enthusiastic with a mail order bike, depends.

    “inevitably if you buy the bike with the best components you will end up with the cheapest frame”

    With Kona, no they go for good frames and lower spec components

    With Giant, you get amazing frames AND generally better spec components.

    speak to me(i’ll even ansa the phone)…..we’ve got some bikes at that kinda cash.youd get a good hardtail for that

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    [trying to offset bad karma of sarcastic raleigh chopper suggestion]
    Your 1st proper mountain bike yes?

    You will defo be able to source bikes cheaper off tinternet, and nearly but not quite all £500ish hardtails will be a good first buy. See above for suggestions.

    If you’re on the slippery slope to mtb obsession, inevitably you will want to upgrade everything, and by then you’ll maybe want something more specific based on your experience of what works for the riding you do. I’d say don’t worry too much about the brand of bike you ride, just get something at about £500 and enjoy riding it.

    A good bike shop who will make sure you get the right size, give you good advice, put you in touch with other riders (v important!), service your bike etc etc. That’s worth paying a premium for when you set out methinks, and will start you off on the right foot. They won’t be half so eager to help if you trot in with a bike bought cheap on tinternet.

    I’d spend more time sussing out the shops in your area and worry less about a specific type of bike to be honest.

    [/trying to offset bad karma of sarcastic raleigh chopper suggestion]


    Agree with snowslave, most of the big firms offer good bikes – a decent shop is really valuable, find one that is small enough to care but has enough staff to do quick repairs, ie one with a dedicated workshop.

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