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  • 2 yr old Reba’s went in to RockShox uk to be serviced and looked at as leaking air pressure. Apparently stanchion wear below the wiper has rendered the upper-assy scrap, thing is they’ve not had a lot of especially dirty use (used mainly as second/commuter bike) and have had a decent clean when muddy. So, any good deals on 20mm 130/140 forks – ideally other than RS as this is 2nd pair of RS killed in last 3 yrs (and i do clean/lube wiper seals/foams). Ta

    I think you’re supposed to service the lower legs every so often. You should know this.

    marzocchi is your only other option.

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    Had they had a lower leg service at any stage?


    If the maintenance schedule/use has killed a set of rebas maybe its time you went rigid.

    Last year, in fact – but they don’t get that much use off-road (i prefer my other bike for that), mainly roadwork to work.


    It’s okay, rock shox don’t do that.


    Stanchion wear below the wiper won’t stop them holding air..! New seals and a lube will do that just fine, then you can carry on using them.


    agree with peterpoddy – keep using them and just service them more frequently – rebas are a superb solid fork – better than my fox floats for useage but they still need lower servicing – commuting still causes the oil to migrate and a dry bush ( snigger ) is what causes the wear – I use heavier weight oil to lube my lowers or even grease at the top…. my bushes are better that way….

    I ride light but I do a lot of hours and so I service my lowers frequently


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    Amount of dirty use isn’t that relevant- if a tiny amount of dirt gets into/past the seals it’ll wear the fork even if you’re only riding on the road. How many hours since last lowers service do you reckon?


    Only way I can think is dirt has got into the fork and then damaged the air spring shaft or somehow got past the air spring shaft seal and scored the inside of the air spring? Is that it or am I missing something?

    If is it just the air spring and the bushes/stanchions are okay then surely someone could fit a coil spring assembly and get many more miles out of them. (would be interested in trying it myself for a friends bike if you are scrapping them)

    But yes you may as well get a carbon rigid fork for road use.

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    I wouldnt rule out RS forks. Imagine you splashed a fortune on Fox and had the same issue, as many have had. At least RS forks are reasonably priced most of the time. Fox bargains do pop up but it’s not often whereas you can always find cheap RS somewhere. Never had a problem with the Toras, Recons, Rebas or Lyriks that I’ve ran over the last few years


    Locked out forks with all the fine crap that riding on the road will put into them will kill forks pretty quickly. Get a cheap ss for your comute, cheaper than new forks.

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