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  • Reba RLs feel sticky/locked out
  • My 2 month old Rebas seem to feel a bit different, I noticed at the end of the last ride they looked quite sagged and while pressing down on the bars once sagged they felt almost locked out. I’ve just had a look and checked both + and – pressure is still fine, wound all the damping out and when not on the bike (i.e. starting fully extended) and push down hard they feel OK going through most of the travel, however if you hold them down to 30% ish travel and then press down more they don’t really go anywhere. Almost as though something is flexing inside and stopping them moving when loaded.

    Is this normal once they have bedded in? A common issue with a quick fix? Or a warranty job?


    Sounds like hydro locking when oil leaks into the lower legs from the upper part of the csu. It should be fixed under warranty or replace the 10c o- ring that has failed if you know what your are doing.


    ^^^ exactly what slinkybike said.
    2 months old its a no-brainer: would return to retailer for Sram to inspect/repair under warranty. Not even worth tinkering with yourself as the slightest signs of ‘home mechanics’ will void your warranty.

    Cheers, sounds like a call to the shop is in order tomorrow morning.

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    Hydro locking used to be a really common problem on the Rebas, happens to mine every 6 to 12 months. I just service them, new seal and oil and they’re fine again. Usual give aways is the poplock stops working and you lose over half the travel. Easy way to check is to empty the positive chamber with the negative chamber charged, if they don’t suck down through their enitre travel you’ve got leakage.

    The pop lock still seems to work (maybe has a bit more give) and they just got sucked down all the way bar the last 15mm when I emptied the +ve air out. Another play confirms they are definitely broken in some way, they don’t budge at all once sagged, to the point of handlebars bending but forks not moving.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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