Reba poploc sticking

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  • Reba poploc sticking
  • Alcopop

    have a pair of 2011 reba 100mm with poploc came on a bike i bought new a year ago
    anyway all working fine until last week at Ae poploc lever wouldn’t release well it would if i pushed the button
    and flicked the lever not exactly the easiest thing to with one hand,so i’ve replaced the cables inner and outer still no joy not a massive problem just more of a niggle i do like the lock out for climbing
    anyone know of a fix ?


    Rubbish design IMO, got a Reba that intermittantly does it, tried lube, PTFE cables etc but it still does it from time to time.

    Did you use a gear inner and brake outer, you should have?

    Depending on the model you may be able to convert back to a fork mounted compression/lockout.

    From what I can remember it’s just a case of disconnecting (unhooking)the return spring which is located in the damper cartridge and replacing the compression knob, don’t think it’s a big job.

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    My 2012s went the same as predicted by my mechanic mate . I sent then to Merlin under warranty . They took a look and found the damper cartridge was pooped as well . SRAM had them back , replaced cartridge , new seals oil etc under warranty . I asked to leave the Poploc off which they did . Funny thing it’s considered an upgrade ? Not cheap either .


    Mine did the same, it’s a piece of junk and I don’t miss it at all

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    when I had one on old fork I got a crown top dial and followed the online PeterPoddy guide to swop it over – dead easy and the parts were about £20. was about 4 yrs ago mind

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    Take the top cap off, gunk etc gets under and causes it to stick. Give it a good cleanout and it’ll be right as rain.


    Cheers I’ll take the top cap off the blue one with circlip? and give it a clean …so it sounds like a common problem same old SRAM

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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