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    100mm travel, 15mm through axle both with pop lock.

    Whats the difference, would I realistically notice it?


    Not much AFAIK:

    Weight – Reba about 100g heavier is the main one, although someone may be along in a mo who would be able to explain the differences with their damping, the SID has some fancy other stuff to do with a dig valve and rapid rebound (personal knowledge of function – zero).

    How that manifests on the trails and how the fork feels to you, I can’t be of help.

    So, I’ll go with weight for the time being. Would you notice an extra 100grams?

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    Reba and SID share the same chassis. The SID in general has better (more functions) and lighter internals.

    The XX SID gets a carbon steerer too and a hydraulic lockout which takes away some of the adjustment.

    If you want a light fork with good damping and affordable price go for Reba.

    If you want a slighter lighter fork with better damping go for SID RCT3.

    If you are a racer and have the money for it, go for SID XX.

    The SRAM website does a reasonable job explaining what the various features do, click on the technologies link. You can decide if you want them or not.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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