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  • slimjim78

    I’m looking to buy my first tapered fork to go on a Cotic Soul. I can’t help but have my head turned toward a Fox fork owing to their long standing reputation for generally being a cut above.. But I’ve been running a Reba 120mm Maxie for the last couple years and it’s hands down been the most reliable and best performing fork I’ve ever owned.

    Also, I don’t really pay attention to the ‘advances’ in fork technology, and get totally lost on the descriptions/models..
    A brief glance at the usual online suspects shows I can pick up a FIT / RLC / RLT / Blackbox / 32 / Ti or any kind of combination I fancy.

    With Fox in particular the pricing is a head scratcher. Some 32’s (what’s 32 referencing. Stanchions?) can be found as low as £280, other as much as £600 but seemingly the same, save maybe a model years difference.

    I think I like the look of 32 Float 120 RLC 15mm, but again I’m seeing pricing all over the place. What should I rely on? Which was the one to avoid? (FIT?)
    Should I stick with awesome Reba’s or have they had their day? Will a Kashima Fox make me a happier person?

    Please advise


    I need to start wrapping up a purchase for arrival of new frame


    Based on me and my mates experience, RockShox for reliability and price, Fox for lots of different choices. Riding wise I can’t tell much between them, but if it were me I would go Reba.


    I’ve had both and enjoy the Rebas more. I was always worrying about stanchion wear and service intervals with the foxes, which put me off a bit. I haven’t ridden anything that feels better than a well set up Reba.

    I’d go for Fox over RS. Had both and prefer the feel of Fox.

    Saying that, there seems to be a lot of discounted Fox about atm which will no doubt mostly be 2013’s. 2013’s seem to get slated for ‘diving’ too much although I’ve not tried a set. If you can get some ‘Fit’ Fox then I go for it as they are very nice.

    Reading your post you come across as if you really want the Fox anyway. 😉

    Premier Icon Paceman

    Used Fox forks for years, they were great apart from the need for careful cleaning / maintenance and regular seal replacement. Would have carried on using Fox until I found a crack in the steerer tube on my £600 Fox Floats (3 months out of warranty).

    Bought some Rebas instead and they’ve been fantastic and fault free. I won’t be going back to Fox. The price is based on clver marketing and their past reputation in my opinion.

    Just my opinion though, you’ll get a range of opinions on here 😉


    IME Foxes require regular maintenance, the stantion material is soft, the air ones have a bizzaro spring curve (which can be sorted by taking a dremel to the internals if you fancy dremeling a 900 quid fork). Rockshox are more reliable, ride better and are tougher.
    personally i prefer super simple forks. Float Rs, or basic air rockshox. I rarely fiddle with the extra gubbins and they just get clogged up with mud and need cleaning.

    set the rebound, set the spring, forget about it.

    Im replacing by borked (again) 36s with some new Marzocchis when they arrive. newer ones are supposed to be back on form….

    Premier Icon chakaping

    What model is your Reba? If it’s the Team / RLT ti then keep it.

    Fox might have caught up with the damping but the 32 chassis is flimsier and you’ll be spending hundreds for no real reason.

    You can get a little collar from Hope to convert your 1 1/8 fork to fit a taper steerer btw.

    Premier Icon grey

    I have both 2011 32’s and 2012 Rebas and i find the Rebas to be a far plusher shock with the benefit of longer service intervals.


    great comments chaps, thanks.

    Yes, I do just fancy a pair of Foxs, and along with my new frame I thought it was a good time to splash the cash.
    But, the responses above have convinced me to stay with Reba’s. Mine have ashamedly forgone any servicing for approaching 2 seasons other than a squirt of lube on the stanchions and they still perform absolutley brill.

    I wondered if Foxs would have me magically charging down steep sections much faster via supreme damping, but I think I can forego a little speed (if any) for better reliability / less maintenance.


    I run a FOX 32 150MM FIT on a full sus & 120mm Reba on a hardtail.

    In my opinion the Reba is a much smoother fork.Neither fork has failed as yet. The fox works well on big hits and feels fine but when just riding along the Reba just seems to be smoother.

    Had a 150mm Revelation on a previous Full suspesion and that was the same as the Reba.

    Pretty sure if i was choosing a fork for a bike i would go Rockshox.I also like the lockout on the Rockshox forks that still give you abot an inch of travel.


    Mine have ashamedly forgone any servicing for approaching 2 seasons other than a squirt of lube on the stanchions and they still perform absolutley brill.

    No brainer. spend the money on sending them off for a full strip and service. There are more and more suspension specialists out there so im not able to tell you which is best, but my revelations went off to Jtech after 4 years of abuse and came back insanely plush. they WILL ride even better, and will last a lot longer with a full going over every few years. well worth the 70 quid ish.

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