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  • Reasonably priced decent (mtb) winter kit, recommend me some please…
  • jackal

    All my ageing winter/wet kit is now either worn through/ripped through crash damage, and I’m now looking to replace with some sensibly priced stuff.
    I currently use some 3/4 Endura thermolite(?) bibs, Altura 3/4 waterproof shorts (that have worn completey through on the arse), a circa 7 year old endura jacket that has zip off sleeves, a very much hole ridden baa baa merino jersey and a pair of the baggiest seal skin socks in the world.

    Can anyone make any recommendations to replace all that lot without breaking the bank? Ideally shorts/jacket wise I’d like something fully waterproof as I’ve got plenty of pairs of regular shorts and a lightweight Montane windproof jacket already…

    Thanks in advance 😉





    Altura attacks seem to me to still be up the top of the choice of waterproof shorts, going by previous threads. You say you’ve worn through yours, but how long did that take?

    I replaced my Endura thermolites with some dhb Pace Roubaix bib tights (look to have been replaced by Vaeon Roubaix), no there not as warm but were significantly cheaper and look to have weathered last summers(?!)/winter/spring well.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    You don’t say whether its for road or off road…

    Decathlon do some decent kit that doesn’t break the bank.

    Off-road overshoes, by nature, have a hard life. My Endura MT500’s have lasted well, but are a bugger to fit. Mine stay on some old Winter boots all the time. I just roll them down to get in/out.

    Aldi’s neoprene winter gloves used to be ace.


    Only early days yet but my Madison Tempest waterproof shorts seem to be well made, fit well and are doing a good job of keeping the water out so far. They’ve recently brought out a new revision so make sure you get these, the older ones aren’t as good apparently. Think they’re currently the cheapest waterproof shorts you can get.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Second hand waterproof trousers from eBay: cut the legs off as shorts.
    Tights/bibs – I have some great Scott ones, but look at the On-one stuff as well for a budget.
    Baselayer: whatever is on sale.


    Excellent, thanks for the replies so far.
    Yes its for off road use….

    The Altura Attacks have probably had 3 winter use I’d of thought, have they updated them at all over the years?

    I’ll have a look at those madison ones then, see how they compare.

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