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  • Reasonable expectations of a physio?
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    I’ve never been to a physio until recently – I have some persistent, generally low level arm pain that’s not been caused by any obvious sporting or impact injury. It’s around the deltoid muscle of my left arm [feel it when taking something out of the back pocket of a cycling jersey, or when pushing up against a resistance to the side].

    Two visits to a local guy with much prodding around, and he’s been unable to pinpoint the problem, other than he thinks it’s posture-related. and has given me some shoulder exercises to do. He may well be right, but I’m wondering if this level of vague-ness is normal whilst you get to the bottom of these sort of problems?

    I wasn’t expecting him to just press on a tendon – bingo, done. But OTOH, it takes zero insight to identify poor posture and hand out some generic shoulder exercises. Be good to hear other people’s experiences.

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    I wasn’t expecting him to just press on a tendon – bingo, done

    To be fair, each time I have been to a physio (two separate injuries) that was exactly what I have experienced. (Of course then needing follow-up treatments and exercises but they pinpointed the cause very quickly.

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    Did he make you take your clothes off and ask you to perform certain moves? (Grow up!)
    A good one will want to check you all over.
    If you are Surrey/South London I can recommend a top physio.

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    Usually awesome imo. A couple of years ago I turned up at Bonty 24:12 unable to turn my head due to a bbq related injury. I saw Liz at Revolution Sports Physio who were covering the event, and after some tough manipulation, I had movement again! It went again at 12hrs into the race, so Liz fixed it again and then it was fixed for good. Job done!

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    but I’m wondering if this level of vague-ness is normal whilst you get to the bottom of these sort of problems?

    Well from my experience it’s not vagueness but it’s very difficult to pinpoint where the problem is coming from in a 30 minute visit. The problem comes from referred pain, so your pain might be in your shoulder but it’s emanating from tight hip flexors for example.

    But the physio can’t fix ‘bad posture’ for example, they can make suggestions, do some work to relieve pain but you also need to do a lot of work yourself I’m afraid.

    My physio recently pinpointed the exact source of pain in my left hip and with a bit of manipulation and acupuncture to release the muscle the pain was gone instantly.

    I originally went to the physio due to a stiff neck but after prod about the physio knew the pain was coming from tight lower back muscles, tight hips and tight fascia. Manipulation, a program for me to do daily, myofascial release and acupuncture is getting me there and that’s after week 5.

    It’s not a quick fix.

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    Thanks – food for thought.
    If it is a posture issue then I appreciate it’s going to be a bit of a journey putting it right.

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    I was told by a physio that you should see a noticeable improvement in 3 sessions at the very maximum, any more and you need to find a new physio.

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    I always had a pretty dismissive opinion of physios following experiences like yours, but recently have had really good results with one so there are definitely good and bad.

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    Try chiro or osteopath as an alternative?

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    Took me until the fourth different physio over the space of 5 years to identify my problem (left knee out of alignment). First physio, very highly regarded suggested my knee pain was due to flat feet…which was ridiculed by the second physio (also highly regarded), however, all he kept on passing comment on was how short my shorts were (they wernt!) and what toned legs I have!!!. He was quickly dispensed with, physio number three just seemed so not interested in any of my history so left things for a while. Tried again about a year ago and bingo, seems I have found someone who knows what they are doing.
    I have obviously had a bad experience, or maybe my knee pain was too difficult to pinpoint I dont know, but the latest physio explained things none of the other three did and it all kinda makes sense in how my knees work and why they are in pain at certain times – why could I not have been told this 3 years and several £££’s ago !

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    Happy ending?

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