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  • Rear Suspension upgrade – advise required please!
  • crustygoods


    I ride a 2008 Norco Fluid LT3, which has 6" rear travel via a Fox DHX Air 3.0 shock. I am looking to upgrade the shock, as the uphills are a killer due to no lockout or equivalent.

    Can anyone suggest what would be a good upgrade? Should I just go to the DHX Air 5.0 or is there something else out there that is either as good, better or cheaper?

    Also, is it an easy install or would I do better getting a shop to do it? I have some knowledge, but am not fully technical.

    Chris (crustygoods)


    Depends on what size the shock is really. An RP23 would be good.


    A 2010 Fox RP23 would be ideal – excellent shock and a doddle to set up. Dead easy to fit. Get the proper spacers from Mojo when you get the shock, pop them in the shock and slot it in the frame. Job done.


    The High Volume version of the RP23 would be worth having

    I think RP2s have propedal adjustment (ok, so not lockout), but wouldn't set you back as much (if you can them aftermarket?)

    In the meantime you could try to improve your smoothness of your pedal stroke and increase you typical pedalling speed. IME 4-bars don't bob anywhere near as much with fast and smooth pedalling. This would obviously be harder if you have flat pedals and not clip-in pedals/shoes though


    Thanks guys much appreciated

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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