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  • dazzydw

    My Manitou swinger 3way has leaked its damper oil for the Nth time.
    Getting a bit fed up with the unreliability.

    Recommend me a replacement for my Orange 5 (2004).

    Does anyone know the right LENGTH and STROKE to get. Measuring it is pretty vague..!

    I quite fancy going to a coil shock – I’ve got Vanilla’s up front and they have been flawless for 4 years – any recommendations for a medium price range coil shock with platform damping for the old single pivot. The Weight difference doesn’t really bother me.
    Riding is XC and occasional trips to Verbier…

    Whadya reckon then.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    i think its 190/50.

    i reckon a vanilla RC would work a treat in there, missed one last week on ebay that went for a steal.


    Anyone else got any views.


    Ive got an 07 DHX5 air in mint condition just had a full service from Mojo, its been tuned for a 5 as that was the frame i was supposed to be getting at the time but didnt. Lookin for around £150 but open to offers.

    Oh, its the right legnth and stroke btw.

    FOX RP23 is a good shock the 3 way propedal adjust may suit a single pivot bike.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    I have an almost new, just TFT serviced, new seals etc etc RP3 up for grabs. 200m eye to eye, 57mm stroke. I replaced it almost immediately with a Pushed RP23 from TFT…. strangely also around £150 ….


    Interested in the DHX5 air you have Freeman. Would you take £125 posted for it?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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