Rear Rack And Bag?

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  • Rear Rack And Bag?
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    I’m not a fan of using a rucksack when I’m commuting but having tried a frame bag I’ve found that it’s not big enough to carry the things I need I’m now looking in to getting a rear rack and bag for the bike.

    I don’t need to carry a huge amount of stuff, no laptops or large items like that, just some food, and other odds and sods.

    I’m looking at something like the Tubus Airy rack but no idea about bags. I don’t want pannier type bags, just a single, preferably waterproof, bag to go on the rack.

    Any suggestions?


    My wife’s an Arkel Randonneur seat rack since on her fat bike there isn’t enough clearance for a saddlebag. She simply straps a dry bag to it.

    An alternative might be one of the Carradice SQR bags easy to clip on and off. Look a bit naff I suppose but I’ve done a week’s road touring (stopping in B&Bs) in Scotland with one so they can take a mass of kit.


    Would one of these be of interest?

    I have one I used for a few trips but is now in a box in my garage. The base bolts to any standard rack. The bag is q/r and fully waterproof. I’m sure we could negotiate a price if you are interested.

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    Jumping on the stealth ad bandwagon, I have one of these which I’ve never used (because I’ve got other bags which use the smaller version of this mount so I’ve stuck with those):

    Means you can just leave the unobtrusive little block on the seatpost, you don’t need a rack.

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    I’ve been using a topeak rack and a topeak rack pack for the best part of 4 years now, pretty much every day

    It’s fantastic, if it broke I’d replace it in a heartbeat.

    It slides onto the bike in 3 seconds, carries plenty of stuff, has pockets that fold out into mini panniers, bottle holder at the back that I keep my light in when off the bike. I stopped at the supermarket on the way home last night and with a fold up rucksack (I keep it inside). With the expandable top, fold out panniers and the rucksack I can take a shopping basket’s worth of stuff.

    Really rate it. Not formally waterproof but because of the way it’s positioned it doesn’t get wet enough. I’ve been out in torrential rain (i.e. soaking wet socks underneath overshoes) but the bag has never had wet contents. You can get a cover for it but I’ve never bothered


    I appreciate it’s not what you’ve asked for, but this is significantly discounted & i’m awaiting delivery of mine:

    I’ll be adding Lomo lightweight dry bags to ensure contents stay dry.

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