Rear light to withstand the elements?

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  • Rear light to withstand the elements?
  • ferrit

    Had a Knog Skink for years on the back. Used on commuter and on the mountain bike to get to the trails.

    Loved it as it was totally sealed – no usb port to corrode and get water/mud in. Rubber strap was really easy to swap between bikes.

    Now deceased. RIP. Hard to get hold of now…

    Recommendations for a decent rear light that lasts and survives getting covered in crap please! Also must survive severe rattling about off-road if I forget to take it off…

    Knog Skink


    I’ve had a Knog Blinder R70 for a few years now and it’s been faultless. Very bright, battery lasts ages and it’s totally sealed with a cleverly designed USB port integrated into the clip. I’d totally recommend it.

    Previous to this I never had a rear light that lasted more than a year…

    Premier Icon andybrad

    ive had knog blinder and others, none of them lasted more than 6 months for me (generally snapped the housings.

    best ive had is the smart lights. they die eventually but i get about 18 months out of them (and one aa battery) ive got usb ones again though atm and im not convinced it works for being consistently wet and muddy

    Premier Icon cynic-al
    Premier Icon lawman91

    Had a Lezyne Strip Drive for a couple of years now and it gets some serious abuse on my MTBs through winter, it cakes in crap, given a quick wipe, re-charged and does it all over again. Super bright for on the road, its never fallen off, even when ridden on some pretty rocky Black-graded trails and it just gets on with it.


    USed to get through two or three cheapo ones every winter.

    Finally got fed up with it and got an Exposure TraceR in about Jan 2015. That’s still going strong, definitely recomended. Just have to remember to keep it charged, can’t carry a spare battery.


    same as andrewh, used to go through cheapo ones that got fried in the weather.

    have had an Exposure TraceR for 3 winters and it’s still going strong.

    Lezyne zecto that came free with a magazine subscribtion, MBUK IIRC, about 5 years ago, been utterly faultless commuting and on MTB nightrides.

    Exposure traceR £28 on tredz hang around the home page for a £5 discount code on £30 spend, just bought a second one .

    i also use the little microdot one in the back of my joystick head Torch, less elements to Impact performance


    Cheers guys – good info here and some stuff I wouldn’t have looked at!

    Off for an afternoon of perusing shopping sites…

    Premier Icon Yak

    Knog mob kid grid. Also totally sealed.

    Premier Icon jkomo

    Exposure here too

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    i have been using a bontrager flare for a few years, very good bit of kit.


    Just tape up the joint on whatever you are using*,fit and forget**

    * and bathroom sealant round the switch if it looks dodgy

    ** I do not use usb taillights

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Been very impressed with the Moon shield-X Auto.

    Been on the road bike and mountain bike and no issue what so ever. Blooming bright too.

    Can be had for what i consider reasonable prices if you shop around.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Another TraceR user here, but both have been back to Exposure for fixing under warranty. – I use silicone grease to improve the sealing on the rubber band that covers the micro USB port now.  My old Moon Shield was okay, but the first one eventually succumbed to water getting into the circuitry.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    I bought one of these review here a few years ago on a kickstarter and it’s great.  Not the brightest light in the world, so I don’t use it as my sole rear light, but it’s totally sealed, doesn’t come off, and turns on and off automatically.  Just chuck a couple of AAA’s in it every year or so.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    I’ve run a Moon ‘Comet’ for several years now & it’s been brilliant in all conditions, on & off road.  Heard some negative stuff about the newer models but have seen these older ones in a few places.

    Premier Icon jeffl

    Had a moon shield which I ran on the MTB and commuter, generally without mudguards as I never get round to fitting them! That lasted a good 4-5 years before randomly falling off without me realising it on the commute home earlier this year.

    Replaced with a Trace R as I found one cheap and couldn’t get a Moon Shield as cheap.


    I’ve found the lezyne zecto to be pretty weatherproof but the post fixing is a bit awkward so I’ve moved it to backpack duty and bought a trace R. Only new but a nice little light and flipping bright. Tempted to get a trace for the front as a daytime light.

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