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  • reap what you sow little doggy!
  • Ok, time to let sleeping dogs lie….

    You mean let dead dogs lie surely?


    No, it just decided to have a nice kip!

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    Another quality thread, I'd be pretty satisfied with the result same as if some thug wanting to beat me up was chasing me and had a jammer I'd be quite smug, still call him an ambulance like but I'd have a smile on my face whilst doing so.

    Stand still when a dog runs at you? my arse! I've done that before as its the loveable friendly dog owners prescribed method of diffusing the situation. Unfortunatley in some cases it also bollocks and you (or your bike) will get mauled and 2nd guessing what the dogs gonna do if you stop is pretty tricky.


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    You mean let dead dogs lie surely?

    simonfbarnes – Member

    No, it just decided to have a nice kip!

    Look it just moved!
    No it didnt, you nudged it…

    C'mon lets get the dead parrot sketch going…

    binners – Member
    All dogs should be fed through mincers. The world would be a far safer, cleaner and less smelly place.

    A rare opinion I share with Allah

    Haha quality!

    Wtf is it with dog owners? they always seem to presume that other people don't mind or even welcome their dirty animals inquisitive interactions.
    I for one most certainly do not.

    I'd like the dog licence fee to be raised to £1k, fouling penalties £1K and all properly fully enforced- I wonder what the ratio for dog fouling convictions to pavement mines is.

    Dogs – Phase them out!!


    WTF is it with people making the same old lame comments regarding dogs and their owners 🙄


    Dog owners – its really simple. Your dog must be under control at all times in a public place. This means it must not bother anyone else at all. Not running at them, not barking at them, not jumping up at them. Those of us that don't like dogs have an absolute right to go about our lives without your dog bothering us at all. We do not have to comprimise art all. We have no obligation to do anything You have an obligation to have your dog under control.

    If your dog is not under control you are responsible for its actions.

    If you cannot train and control your dog properly keep it on a lead. If your dog is properly trained then let it off the lead but you remain responsible for its actions

    Its not rocket science its the law

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    Can't arsed to read all 4 pages…
    my considered position is:
    Dogs are stupid animals that crap and/or dribble on everything, as endearing as their floppy ears and quizzical looks are there's always the chance it will tear your child's face off in a fit of inexplicable rage…

    Dog owners are largely as thoughtless and stupid as their pets…

    So yeah, if I see a puppy and the opportunity presents itself I'll kick it's chin off….

    I'm a cat person see…


    I haven't been on here for a while, but I see the same morons are still spewing the same dribble.

    As for a dog tried to bite you, dogs don't try to bite anything, if they *want* to bite you they will and considering they can move their jaws 3 times faster than you can move your hands, the reason you didn't get bitten wasn't your ninja like reflexes.

    Also considering dog bites can produce enough pressure to penetrate sheet metal, if you attack a dog and it wants to defend itself, your bib shorts aren't going to protect you.


    Cockeaa….I hope we never meet 😈

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