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  • Really un-cool car's you secretly want?
  • Inspired by the mini coupe thread.

    I think it’s a hangover from having the Midget and wanting another rag-top, an MX-5 doesnt appeal but I really want a Mini convertible.

    Anyone recomend me a good NVQ in hairdressing?


    Berlingo XTR…



    Suzuki Alto

    seriously uncool car but seriously fun to drive

    MG ZR

    Nasty little chav car that I was given while mine got fixed. 60 felt like 100 and it could turn through 90 degree bends without any braking. If I didn’t have to drive lots on the motorway I would def get one. If you let it get over 4000 rpm it was like the jump to light speed in a 1.4 petrol.


    Skoda Yeti… Evo mag loved theirs, they look a bit odd but there is just something that makes me want one.

    I know someone with one of those (well rugged version of the original berlingo), it’s like a normal one, but with even more body roll.

    He now transports his bike on the back of an Africa Twin so I’m not sure what that says about the Van!


    I’d like another old-style Fiat Panda 4×4 at some point. I loved the one I had all those years ago, but have seen only one on the road since. That was the main problem… They just seemed to rust away to nothing.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    I wanted one of these so I got one!

    Before the 4×4 hating brigade string me up, it goes off road on a regular basis due to my job but also makes a pretty good motorway car which is also a requirement for my job. Clarkson slated the X3 but I like mine and think its pretty good. Not cool though, being male and driving a “womans” 4×4 school run car.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Oh, hang on, my dad *did* have one… 😉


    E30 BMW 325i sport

    In that colour too.

    I drove one many many years ago, when I was still in a rusty Mini and the BMW blew me away, it felt so solid on the road, sounded amazing and the power delivery back then was enough to make you smile, I am sure there are loads of modern cars that are better, but for me, it was one hell of an eye opener back then.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    ^ I know where one of the Volvo’s is lying, unused for 10 years…

    What I really really want:


    Fiat X-19.


    Wan o these

    Parked up last night at cinema and there was one there. I nearly wet myself.


    Two of the above my dad had a princess and sadly i can still remember the reg, i also like the cube

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Not sure if its uncool but I really want a Mk4 (I think) Golf TDI 130/150, ideally black as my bike car.

    There’s something about them I quite like.


    Ski +1,
    had a D plate 325 sport, wife deceided we needed to sell it as it cost too much to run, have VERY happy memories of the time it was ours. Would like another one day or even better an Alpina C2 2.7 (325 on steriods 210 Bhp instaed of 170Bhp……) 😀


    I have a huge soft spot for these

    Premier Icon Nick

    Thom – I reversed into the passenger side of one of those volvos years ago, quite hard, fearing the worst I got out to take a look at the damage. Not a mark on it.


    2cv bamboo

    Big Dave

    I always had a soft spot for the Renault Kangoo. Ended up buying one of these as a result:

    It is slow and thirsty but very practical and for some reason makes me smile when I drive it.


    Saabs are never uncool 🙂


    My Volvo is not cool but it’s great as a car!


    Not even sure why really, i don’t even like driving but these just appeal to me.

    Premier Icon mboy

    E30 BMW 325i sport

    The OP requested UNCOOL cars… An E30 325i Sport is/was the epitome of cool… At least for me growing up anyway!

    As for uncool cars that were actually quite good… I had a Citroen Xantia Active 2 litre turbo at one point. Seriously torquey engine, decently quick, cornered like it was on bloody rails due to the ridiculously clever suspension setup. By flipping a lever on the centre console you could either slam the car on the floor (for showing up the chavs with their cars with “only a 50mm drop” in the carparks on a friday night), or raise it up so it had almost 12 inches of ground clearance! It had a huge boot too, was massively comfortable.

    In fact it had everything going for it, except… Well, it was a Citroen! Which meant it was bloody unreliable, and it was designed with a ruler and a set square. Cool, it was not! Oh, and it drank petrol too…

    As for other old cars I’d secretly like… Well, a Volvo 240 Estate is so uncool it’s actually cool. They were built like tanks too, it would be the prime candidate for creating a monster street sleeper with a heavily turbocharged engine! That or a Volvo 360… A decently quick hatchback with rear wheel drive, and massive reliability, if not any cool factor at all.


    ^ What he said.


    Kangoo 4×4, Vauxhall Combo, Dacia Duster, Berlingo. All are not cool!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    @thisisaspoon – well that Mini certainly is uncool, all new mini’s are uncool. Surely if you wanted a convertible and had that much to spend you could find a nice Alpha Romeo with a budget for maintainence.

    I have plenty of car’s I’d like all of them cool in my eyes, probably the top of the list would be a 2CV corrugated van like this


    ^^^ too cool to go in his thread ^^^

    I don’t think any retro van could be considdered un-cool? It’s like VW campers are cool, but almost not as the owners are trying to hard, therefore anythign else is as cool + a bit more for nto trying to be cool.

    Ditto any old-skool fast BMW, or any old fast car for that matter?

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    I had a 1.6l version in this colour the late 80s (don’t laugh, I was given it), but I always wanted the powerful version.

    Woeful round corners, and my current 2.2l diesel is way more powerful. Ho-hum.

    Citroen C4 “Loeb” limited edition.


    The Capri 280 is the antithesis of uncool. It is a beautiful car. I saw one for sale last week £15k with 37,000 on the clock.

    This special edition was perfect for the 1980s.


    i want a c1 / aygo/ smart coupe.

    Shopping trolly on wheels – i have no where to go in it as id hate to drive it on the dualer and i cycle most other places.

    But i think they are cool as **** for what they are designed to do.

    My mate had a 107 as a coutesy car and it was an ace little thing – wheel on each corner revvy wee 900cc engine and it returned good fuel economy according to him (who is as anal as peterpoddy when it comes to fuel spreadsheets)

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    That godawful Capri convertible Ford developed in conjunction with Mazda.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Alway fancied one of those old big engined open topped Mercs so I could cruise around Eroupe…..

    Good frined of mine has recently sunk ~£4k on a fully restored Mk3(IIRC) Escort RS1600i, just because he always wanted one as now has space in the garage. Proper 80’s chav chic.

    The conversation with his wife went something like ‘..if I won something on Ebay and I had to head off to pick it up before the kids are up and won’t get back until after they’ve gone to bed, which day this week would be best for you?…’ I think the swearing started from there….. 😉


    Always wanted a Mk1 Escort camper conversion. Hideous and so crap it’s cool!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    One of the 70’s Works Prepared Rally Maxis.
    White, black bonnet, Minilites, spare wheels on roof.
    Love one.

    Skoda 110R, fantastic little car.

    Premier Icon Leku

    I’ll get my coat…

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Allegro vanden plas, just for that grille….


    Dacia Duster please! (and I’ve got one on order so there!)

    A Sierra RS Cosworth. In white, obviously.

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