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  • “He asks why the sky is always dark… and why the dawn still hasn’t come,”


    That is horrific, please warn if stuff is likely to be so upsetting

    Never cease to be amazed by the real horror some people choose to inflict on others, but that shocked me beyond belief


    Awful awful news. Poor kid.

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    Never cease to be amazed by the real horror some people choose to inflict on others, but that shocked me beyond belief

    +1 truly awful

    bloody hell! 😯


    That’s China where shite happens and life has no meaning.

    Amnesty for the perpetrator? Would you?

    If the person is caught the Chinese will deal with her the Chinese way. A bullet through her head. In the olden days the sentence would be public death by thousand cuts. Google Chinese thousand cuts death. Actually looking at the photo I feel cheated because there was no thousand cuts … more like few chunky cuts.

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    What sort of species are we?


    the link above is a disturbing story. Exercise discretion when following.


    I read about that earlier today, and, in a wierd sort of way, I wasn’t surprised. There have been hints for some time that people have been going missing, and turning up later, sans body parts; this just confirms it. What’s so horribly shocking is that the victim is so very young, and was left alive to suffer.
    Larry Niven wrote SF stories about ‘organ-leggers’, who would kidnap people to harvest organs because of the demand for transplants by rich people outstripped the natural supply; what was once fiction now seems to be a really horrifying reality.
    Sadly, there are those for whom life is cheap, but the rewards for a life are very high. 🙁

    The last news story on this I read claimed that actually, the corneas weren’t missing and that the eyeballs were recovered on scene (haven’t clicked the link but know what it refers to).

    My dad visited his ex-wife’s hometown in rural China in the late 80s and came back with horror stories of dead female babies in the gutter and live animals being dropped into boiling water, the screams echoing off the walls. Several years later I watched a PETA video which confirmed the animal bit and have donated ever since. Less sure what we can do about the human victims.

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    Hear horror story’s all the time from the wife, family and people I work with, at first I thought it was just the Hongoness making up story’s about the mainlanders but the more time I spend out here, and see the behavior of the Chinese first hand (fake eggs and Apple stores are just the tip of the iceberg), I sadly can believe it.
    My understanding is the police have reported that the corneas have been found but this is just cover to distract attention from a potential organ harvesting story breaking.

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