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  • allthegear

    Whilst I’m sure someone will come along and tell me how I’ve sold my soul to the devil***, I just wanted to say that I’m really impressed at the whole iPhone episode I have had today…

    I dropped my iPhone 4 in the sink. Yes, stupid I know. Anyway, it didn’t work and even after a good drying out it seemed there was little chance of it working, either. So I booked an appointment at the Cambridge store and popped down to find out quite how much of a nightmare I was in for.

    They did their best at trying to get it up and running again to start with and then said that a replacement was the best bet. I had visions of a hefty bill about to come my way but it was only £120 for my 32GB iPhone 4. Not that bad at all.

    They asked if I had a backup and I told them I use iCloud. Seemed to be a good choice as the phone was restored before I even got out of the store. Even the website I was looking at before the backup was there when I opened Safari.

    Say what you will about the company but they really do have the whole “experience” polished well.



    Generally Apple’s customer service is very good, but obviously there are occasions where, for whatever reason, the customer doesn’t get the result they were hoping for and that leaves a bad feeling.
    I always use an independent Apple dealer in Bath, so a slightly different situation for me. Glad you got it sorted, good result.


    At least you get something for all that money it costs OMG!


    aye you get what you pay for and you pay a lot for it…like Hope 😉


    As already said …. YOU GET WHAT YE PAY FOR.

    And in Apples instance that means a lot !

    Saying that my Samsung Galaxy SII has a 2 year warranty …….

    Ahem …


    does your warrenty cover water damage though ?

    didnt think so


    It’s really strange. Sometimes they help you out when they needn’t, other times they won’t give you the steam
    off of their piss.

    Remember the cracking macbook cases or ibook gpus anyone? Or the psus with useless strain relief causibg the cable to split and expose live wires? Refused to do anything until it started being in the press, despite being obvious design/build faults.


    It is ok service…it would have been great service if they hadn’t fleeced you another 120 quid for another one…however at least you were fixed quickly, which is a good thing.


    I don’t think he was fleced at all the product wasn’t faulty apple we’re quite justified in saying yes we can replace it £400 please.
    I had a similar situation although mine developed a fault six months out of warranty they replaced it for £50 top service if you ask me. There isn’t much good customer service around these days but Apple are in my experience consitently good.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Had a 4 that the mic stopped working on after about 8 months. Went in, they backed it up for me, gave me a new one, set it up for me and I kid you not, I was back out in under 14 minutes with a new, fully functioning phone with all my music, contacts and apps on it. It even had my call log on it. Very slick indeed.

    Father in law put his I-Pod nano through the wash..not surprisingly it stopped working! He booked an appointment (& told them the truth about the wash), they looked at it said it couldn’t be fixed & replaced it free of charge!! Say what you like about Apple… but that is way beyond good customer service!!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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