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  • Really good little speakers.
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    I’ll second/third/whatever the minirig. not wireless, but sounds better for it. Can’t believe what it manages to output.


    They had a special on them Woody. Price depended on colour and the purple ones were cheapest.

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    X mini here too, had them for a good couple of years

    Very impressive for the size, and usb rechargeable so work with my chargers and adapters when travelling

    If I wanted more sound I’d just buy more and daisy chain them together


    Quite why anyone is that fussed about stereo separation with speakers small enough to be stuffed into luggage when going on holiday is beyond me! Taking a pair of 6″ tall active speakers on vacation is just daft, how much time is going to be spent sitting indoors listening to them?
    My pair of X-Mini speakers are perfectly adequate, they’re loud enough to hear the music, and they take up bugger-all space in a bag, which should be the major consideration. IT’S A HOLIDAY! I’m astounded that anyone going on holiday thinks it’s important to take an entire audio system away with them in their luggage. 🙄


    My Buddy Gary runs this website here in the States. Here’s his review on these. Kills 2 birds with one stone

    Fat Tunes – Boombotix Review

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    Well ………. picked up a Veho 360 as recommended ^^ and I’m distinstincly underwhelmed 🙁

    Sound reproduction is ok but volume level is very poor ie. not a great deal better than my iphone sitting in a metal bucket !!!! Certainly nowhere loud enough to be useful anywhere other than a very small room , at what I would class as low to medium volume.

    Is this normal and was I expecting too much? Have I got a dodgy speaker? And before anyone asks, volume is on full on both my iphone and the speaker and I’ve tried via bluetooth and wired with no difference.

    Colleague bought a ‘Jambox’ its about 8″ by 4″ by 4″ . Weighs about 1kg and the sound is really good. There is some Bass , but not a huge amount , certainly wont play the sub bass bits in Islands by The XX .
    6hrs on one charge , wireless bluetooth and phone speaker too. He paid around £100 for a ‘factory return’ . Certainly sounded loud enough to fill a room , not daisy chainable though.


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    I was waiting for a comment like that 🙂

    I always thought Ronnie Corbett was a decent speaker and definitely meets the ‘little’ criteria

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