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  • Really good flat pedals?
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    I have Vaults and Burgtec MkIIs. The Vaults are great and just as grippy as the Burgtecs but the seal keeps on popping out of one of them and the bearings have already gone rattley

    Ex Oxley’s clean and grease will sort it.


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    Three lots of pedals here:

    1) Vaults – lovely wide platform, nicely shaped with more pins than the hedgehog. Feet stick like the proverbial. Very nice to look at.
    2) Nukeproof Electron – wide platform, for a plastic pedal they seem remarkably durable, not many pins but do the job well enough. Bright yellow may have been an error of judgement.
    3) Hope – smaller platform than the other two which takes a bit of getting used to. Initially pins don’t seem as grippy. Combine those two facts and they seem odd. However, get used to them and for the most part there isn’t much difference. Arguably nicer to look at than the Vaults.

    My “desert island” choice would be Vaults.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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