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  • Really dead good things I have learned this year about cycling
  • Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Some of the top ones from me, what’s on your list? Just felt the need to share (it’s Burns night, I’ve had a few drams…)

    1) All cycling is good, extending the commute is awesome, buying a cross bike to take in some cheeky fun bits is my best move yet!

    2) Ardent tires horrifically bad in mud, Beavers awesome but as puncture resistant as wet tissue paper don’t even look at a bramble bush…

    3) Mudguards on a commuter (not the cross bike, but the roadrat), whilst looking HORRIFIC, are really amazing. Sorry, idiot realisation after 5 years of horrendous wet/cold/muddy feet/legs/arse

    4) Softshells are the most ridiculously practical cycle wear (and for skiing!) for winter cold and wetness. 3 different thicknesses for different weather. Boosh. no more soaked through sweaty cold clammy wetness that even the best goretex gives (esp as I am a hot fatty)

    5) having new biking expereinces, rather than more bikes/bike bits (except for a new corss bike of course… ahem…) is the nuts.

    6) Just get out and ride. all encompassing work, family and (stupid me) scout leadership has meant joining group rides very dificult. This kept me off the bike as I felt I needed to be out with the Badgers (my local riding group). x-mas break saw me just getting out and riding and totally loving all mountain proper rides even on my own. A very deeply rewarding experience.

    7) despite what said above, a new bike always rocks. cross bikes are a hoot! 😆

    Any startling realisations from you lot?

    Right, where’s the Bruichladdich…



    Beavers awesome



    Hans Dampf. Answers all my own “what tyre” questions.

    I really do actually only need one gear.

    “Flow” is a real thing that can happen.

    Surly Singelators are indestructible.

    Steel dropouts will eventually bend.

    I am the only member of the piss-pot & goggle club.

    Edit: One persons prestige Ryan Leech Trials bike is anothers perfect Gift-for-Girlfriend!


    the best bike in the world is the one you are riding at that moment, that makes you happy, regardless of wheel size, gears, suspension or whatever else folks want to you use in a divisive manner.


    Cannock car park really is full of Audis


    8) Racing is great.
    9) Watching someone ride a bike for the first time is a joy.


    Almost makes me wish I had a commute 🙂

    Also will people please stop going on about cross bikes. I am highly susceptible to the +1 bike problem and already have a 29 project on the go!

    Premier Icon stimpy

    1) Commit;
    2) Look where you want to go;
    3) Get decent wheels;
    4) Love the climbs, you’ll cut more off your times there than anywhere.

    More too but I have to make another mug of lovely lovely Marmite drink 😀


    Riding in heavy snow and ice is entirely possible on fairly slick, narrow tyres, you just have to ride well.

    Going on your arse on icy tarmac when doing over 25mph is highly likely to ruin your favourite jacket and leave permanent scars.

    Premier Icon ton

    beer is slightly better than bikes
    snow is shyte
    el capitans rock……like i said 8)

    Premier Icon white101

    I need biking more than it needs me, my release, my light at the end of the tunnel, my peace, my fun, my danger, my drug.

    1) Pies bad
    2) Single speed good
    3) Effort on hill climbs is limited by two things; fitness and your mind
    4) Taking the random trail/road with the intension of discovering somewhere new
    5) If in doubt use chunky tires


    Holy crap Nanny you’ve learnt all that in under a month!!!!!


    Things I’ve learnt are that the only bike I need is a Solaris and that having faith in the front end and knowing the bike is far more capable than you gets you over alot of stuff that makes you feel like a competent rider 🙂

    1) My Skins LS baselayer is amazing.

    2) Winter Endura Merino + Sealskins socks cured cold toes.

    3) Cycling in the snow is fun + u get some awesome pics.

    So far for me………. 🙂

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    From ops list, 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7

    And that riding in s**t weather isn’t so bad, and neither is singlespeed.


    There is much SS love on this thread.

    Embrace the gear, love your quads. 🙂


    OP’s 5 is the best advice I’ve seen on the forum.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Wheel building is easier than you might think.

    If you are going to replace a chain that is quite stretched so the cassette as well.

    Start races faster to save some proper time.

    Tendinitis really hurts.

    A good massage hurts.


    Cross train. Otherwise you’ll end up with a knackered knee and off your bike for 3 months.

    Surprised me how little of your leg muscles go unused when cycling.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    mr. Blobby, I had the itch for about a year, saved a bit of cash, scratched the itch, love it! Not taking oer from mountain biking, but my roadrat is a bit unloved as cheeky trail commutes on the CX are an every day thing now. Awesome!

    Do it!

    Great stuff from you lot. cynic-al, I should add that your carbon madness and Dr. Ps cooking are some of ten sets threads on here! 😆

    Amdybanks – yup, agreed. Tis nice to work some other bits too. 8)

    Brake-neck – yup, 2013 is proving me to be something of a learning (well, technically it was dec 26th, but you get the drift). 🙂


    Premier Icon chakaping

    Main one for me: SSing is a lot easier without that Swamp Thing on the front.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    This year, 2013: Hans Dampfs are too heavy.

    Last year, 2012: 1 gear is enough.

    1) buying 1 year carpass in cannock saves me a lot of money

    2) cannock is full of orange bikes … And i want one 🙄

    3) 1st hour in the morning of the weekend is not a good idea to ride.. Let other riders ride first to clear out the slime that builds up over the week on rocks and boardwalks 😛

    Learnt last year…

    Cycle touring in France is way nicer than the uk, free drinks, perfect Tarmac, great food and no one tries to run you over.

    Hi viz clothing on the road means you get treated better.

    When racing on a fat bike you can trick folk on normal bikes into fat only lines, leaving them stuck in deep mud, or sliding out in the corners.

    The surly krampus, rigid 29x 3.0 tyred bike is really fast and nimble… Showing that you could spend loads on pivots, rebound, remote reservoirs etc to get a smooth ride, or you can just use really big tyres to achieve the same thing. Refreshingly simple.

    Premier Icon jameso

    Agreed with OP #5 and Al, new riding experiences fuel the fire.

    Add to that from the last year

    As good for the soul or wonderfully selfish as solo rides are, riding with good friends can’t be beaten.
    A good bike is easily justified but good doesn’t mean expensive or ‘pimped out’.
    Having a high aim for the year helps all of your riding.
    and learned from here – anodised kit really is the ultimate taste-test )

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    Even riding the same, rather dull, loop (North Face Trail) repeatably is better than not getting out (especially when riding solo in crappy conditions.

    I am hoping the hours put in there will pay dividends as the weather improves and I start getting out onto more interesting routes! After all, still gets you fitter and there are plenty of tricksy bits to build the bike handling up.

    May go again tomorrow.

    And Whinlatter on Monday is looking a possibility too!


    Road bikes are fun

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