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  • dgrider

    Have a look here Real Ale fans…. null


    There has been a TV series about Belgian beers here in Holland recently and they went to the Brooklyn brewery in New York, (its in the bottled beer list). The Belgians visiting thought some of the US beers were very good. If you fancy something different I'd give those a go. The US micro breweries make some good beers these days. Might make an interesting diversion for an afternoon away from UK brews (not for one moment that I'm suggesting that there is anything wrong with UK brews).

    Enjoy your time there, lucky you!

    Premier Icon Nick

    I read somewhere recently that there is more 'traditional' Belgian ale being brewed in the US than in Belgium. It's certainly true that the Shermans are extremely enthusiastic about what they call craft beer and there are some extremely interesting/extreme examples from brewerys such as Dogfish and Stone Brewing, although not exactly session ales and therefore not much good at a beer fest!

    a bit of skinners Cornish Knocker would go down well

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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