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  • JonEdwards

    So a year ago, my (getting on a bit) goretex lined fabric walking boots started leaking. Not badly, but definitely wet feet.

    So having done a bit of research, I got some spray on Grangers stuff, used as instructed, and hey, presto – dry feet again. The Grangers just reinvingorated the DWR coating, and the water just beaded straight off again.

    This year, they’ve started leaking again, so I’ve repeated the process. It’s made things better, but the area around the ball of my foot where the boot gets flexed most, still wets out very quickly.

    What have I done wrong? Not enough Grangers? Or are they just past their sell by date?


    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    The meshy/fabric boots do suffer from ingrained dirt and grit so do tend to die after a while..


    Its actually the suede/split leather bit that’s wetting out – the cordura bits are shedding water very nicely.

    I would think the membrane has given out thereby letting water through. Might be worth giving them a really good clean inside and out then trying 1 last re-proof.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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