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  • Re-sealing Draughty Windows?
  • Rockape63

    Think of the benefits….fresh air, healthy environment etc. 🙂


    Any window company will be able to supply new seals for them.
    I did a couple a while back for the same reason.


    Our house is only ~14 years old but the uPVC double glazing seems to be letting in draughts in every room. It seems that the seals which go round the edge of the window openings are either missing or all squashed, leaving gaps between the window openings and the frame.

    Anyone know if it’s possible to get them re-sealed? I’ve tried that sticky draught excluder stuff you get from Homebase, but it’s a bit pants. Would it just be a glazer we should phone?

    Would be nice to not have to get full new windows put in.

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    The seals are very likely to be available, the trick will be identifying the right one. A good glazer will do this quickly. If you can take a bit with you to a window manufacturing company they should either sell you some, or point you in the direction of someone who can, while checking you get the right stuff. You might need packing/spacers for the units too if they have moved.


    Is it really the seals?

    As the hinges wear a gap will appear.


    Thanks guys – I’ve got a feeling the units have moved – some of the gaps are ~5mm. I’ll ring round some glazers. Thanks again


    Check the hinge traps haven’t snapped.
    They use a “V” to pull the hinge edge tight and they break
    Ironmongerydirect sell new hinges for pennies


    Ebay for your seals!
    Loads of different profiles, and quite cheap.
    In the process of sorting out our aging doors and window here.
    I will now check out the “V” hinge traps too as the front door’s not closing right at the moment.


    Like mentioned above it’s likely to be the hinges.
    My best mate owns a window firm, who manufacture, install and repair.
    It’s common for them to go even on new windows.
    With the window closed, see if you can push the back of the window towards the outside and take a look at the gap.
    Then open the window fully and close it pulling quite abruptly at the end.
    Take a look and see if the gap has changed at all.
    The gaskets around the frame may not be able to be changed if they are bonded. This is more likely on later windows. If not, a upvc window manufacturer ‘should’ have some in stock.


    Oh, also, how easy is it to open the handles? The closing/locking mechanism usually operate on a cam system. If it’s very easy to turn the handle then the cams on the sash can be rotated via an Allen key in order for them to pull the sash further into the frame when closing.

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