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  • Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    What material?

    If Goretex/eVent;

    Put washing machine on an empty wash no powder maybe a few towels.
    Soap flakes dissolved in a jug of hot water
    Add to washing machine with garments (2 items max usually)
    Wash on 30/40 degree wash
    Extra rinse
    Wash in proofer TX Direct
    Tumble dry on warm (for eVent)

    Nikwax cleaner doesn’t really clean that well

    Premier Icon Simon

    Always had good results with Nikwax products.
    Wash in Techwash first then reproof with TX direct wash in.

    Premier Icon Lucas

    Is it a good idea to apply tx direct to a gore windstopper active jacket (gore fusion). I don’t think it came with any DWR but it might make it more waterproof but might also knacker the breathability

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    Maybe the spray on might be better- but Nikwax also do this softshell?


    Sorry if this has been brought up recently, but figured with winter well on it’s way, I figure I should get my waterproof jacket sorted. So, looking for recommendations of products to use to get my “not-so-waterproof” waterproof again.



    Make sure to clean the detergent drawer out first. And put a hot wash on first with some soda crystals and a few towels to clean any remaining detergent out of the machine.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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