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  • Pigface

    Does anyone do this? Looks very relaxing. Boats look beautiful and fun to build.


    Have I found a subject that no body on STW knows anything about?


    I know that when I was out windsurfing in Portland harbour, I spotted a small buoy that I decided to use as my gybe mark, and as I cranked it into the turn, realised it was the windward mark for the local RC yacht club race. Problem was I was doing about 20knts going into the turn. Still don’t know how I missed everything.
    What an utter penis.

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    Know very little about them but have been really tempted in the past. Used to watch them on the local lake when the kids were in pushchairs.
    Local model shop is the place to go. They will point you in the direction of the nearest club.


    I’ve designed and built a couple of One Metres. Really good fun to put ideas onto paper, then watch them take shape.
    The first one was fairly radical and went ‘down the mine’ in anything over about 10 kts of breeze
    The second was quite successful. The third sank as a result of friend’s ineptitude..!! I still have MkII, but not sailed it in a while. Building the hulls is cheap but time consuming. One you have the rigs, sail winch and carbon keel fin it’s really easy to built new ideas and get sailing.
    Never tried any of the one design classes, but friends sail RC Lasers in the winter and have a hoot!


    I used to race the RC Lazers, great fun as they are very robust and its an equal match to everyone else. Gave up as not many would show up in the summer due to sailing full size. If you can find a club nearby to you it’s well worth it.

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    my father lives at windermere and he’s chairman o fthe model boat club they have decent sized ‘pond’ at the steamboat museum for scale models but race yachts on the lake, he has about 8 they are over a metre long and about the same tall.. they nromally sail on tues/thurs/sun. they have a reggata on 6th july.. with free BBQ!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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