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  • RC helicopters – best option for around £100-120ish (complete and ready to fly)
  • martinxyz

    anything i should know,steer clear of,does it need to be 3 channel minimum for a beginner? besides a few blades,what else should i buy at the same time? I dont know anything so any happy/horror stories welcome!
    I would be happy with the build it option around this money too if thats going to get a better helicopter for the money.
    Is heliguy an o.k company to deal with? they seem to look the part.



    Heliguy are good, yes. Also try Fast Lad in Barnsley.

    For that price and a total beginner i'd go for an electric contra-rotating jobbie such as Twister Medevac or Hawk, or one of the Eflite Blade range.
    Blade MCx is great for small spaces and is so light it's very hard to damage it or anything with it

    Don't go for a 'proper' heli just yet as they are not easy to learn on.

    Have a look at http://www.collective-pitch.com (I think) for some other links.

    Where are you btw?


    Heliguy is one of the best places for advice and to buy from.

    I would be looking at the Belt CP, a friend bought it, and I was very impressed, much easier to control than my little Walkera 4#3. Certainly go electric, the nitro ones are damn noisy!

    I would get spare blades & tail blades, tail boom, skids, etc. Oh a spare battery so you can charge one & use one. A training kit would help as it softens the landings and helps with learning the controls.


    Inverness,John.theres a local guy but i dont know where about the place is.also worried about not getting a good choice from a smaller place and getting sold something poor.also worried about him vanishing overnight.with that heliguy they seem to be right into it and keen on repairing for a reasonable cost if things went tits up. Nice to know that they will probably be there for a while,you know? i wouldnt be too bothered with most goods but when it comes to something like this,made of stuff that is prone to breaking as soon as you look at it,i get a bit worried!

    Fair point. Midland Helicopters are good too, as are Rocket Rotors in Bradford.

    While the Belt CP is good for the price, you need a good sized room (I.e. church hall) to fly it indoors.

    I have a fleet of 5:
    Blade MCx – tiny, ideal for front room
    Twister Medevac – about a foot long, ok for front room
    Twister v2 (fixed pitch single & tail rotor) – church / sports hall
    Twister Storm (collective pitch single & tail rotor) – aerobatic capable, church/sports hall
    Century Hawk .30 nitro – outdoors only

    If you were in West Yorkshire i'd recommend a coupleof clubs, but it's a long drive from Inverness 😉


    Get a Blade CX3
    It looks smashing and is easy to fly when trimmed.
    And you can get spares for it easily.
    The landing skids are prone to breaking but they are fairly cheap to replace.


    what about this.http://www.heliguy.com/Electric-RC-Helicopters/HoneyBee/Honey-Bee-V2/

    by the time i buy batteries,blades and a few other bits.. it will soon total 120 quid.

    Honey Bee is ok, get Collective Pitch if you can


    thanks mikk, the cx3 looks so steady indoors.I found this link to the local shop
    http://www.invernessmodelshop.com/cart/view_record.php?item_query=SPIRIT CX 2.4GHZ CONTRA ROTATER&section=RC Aircraft&id=639&s=0&script=htm/our_store/our_store.php its a spirit cx2.not sure if it would be worth getting the cx3 over that model.

    got to head out right now but i will pop back later to see what else to watch out for.


    I havent tried the CX2 myself but know a couple of people who have it.
    Think the CX3 is basicly a CX2 with the addition of the headinglock gyro and a new scale body.

    I have had a CX3 for some weeks now and it took a little trimming before it was steady, basicly some fine tuning with sanding paper on the top rotor links.

    nothing particularly wrong with that CX2 (although I must admit it's a new one to me), but I'd dispute thatit is a very entertaining model to fly for the more experienced modeler.

    It's a contra-rotating helicopter; by their nature they are so stable they can never be "entertaining for the more experienced modeler (sic)".

    There's a Chinook type model by Twister (J Perkins) that has two sets of contra-rotating blades. It's so stable in the hover you can put the transmitter on the floor while you make a brew and it won't deviate…

    Contras are good for learning orientation and the basics of up/down forwards/backwards/sideways, (I've got 2 of them) but they won't teach you how to fly 'the real thing' (of which I have 3 and after 2 years I can still only just hover tail-in. Granted I only practice once every 2 weeks, but still)

    I like that site, cheers Mikkel 🙂

    btw in that picture you have a PicooZ (a toy), a Twister v2, a Blade 400, another Blade (the Hughes 500 one) and what appears to be a 30size scale Bell 222. I'd only avoid the PicooZ out of that lot 😉

    here's another site. It's basically a "STW for R/C aeronuts"


    the one you calle hughes 500 is the CX3


    Hey Martin
    Click Here

    This will give you some inspiration !!

    I have had a couple of heli's when I was downunder…..

    Flippin hard to fly!!

    Good idea to also use a flight simulator that you can plug your actual controller into and download your model…


    I have that sim, it's very good. needs a suitable Tx – I bought "RC PlaneMaster" for £20 before I got into helis, and the (USB) Tx works well with Clearview, but I'm sure with the right cable a regular Tx will probably work


    Hi Keith, couldnt view that link!

    I found this earlier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8t41avFuCc

    Thanks for replying folks.i read the beginner link above and although its good, it still puts more info in my mind that seems to put me off buying one.Its for a present so they might not want to be buying spares straight away.it might not even last a few days without the need for new parts! the cx3 looks good and having read about pitch,and john mentioning to go for collective pitch.. i would probably go for something like the honey bee if it had collective but at that price it probably wouldnt.the cx3 sounds good and it looks good in flight for a beginner but after reading that guys story in one of the above links, it sounds like it could be one of those helicopters that will cost a lot with the replacing of bits all the time,along with upgrades,things burning out a bit too soon.(maybe im worrying about nothing here) but for 120quid,i suppose thats all im going to get. He did mention something that he would go for as a beginner but,yep.. it was £285.I dont see that as expensive but maybe im onto a bad idea for a xmas pressie here.

    Its turning out to be a bit like getting a puppy for xmas in so many ways.. if you see what i mean.

    thanks for all the info though.im not sure what the heck to do.

    If it's for a pressie i'd get the Eflite Blade CX3 and let the recipient deal with upgrades etc

    If they get the bug then they can spend their own money on a collective pitch single rotor job


    Coaxial is defenetly alot easier to learn on than single rotor model.
    Know of more people who have gotten single rotor as their first heli, and it was bigger ones, and gave up before they even learned to hover because they found it to hard.

    It is alot harder than it looks, but great fun.

    The only upgrade which is realy worth it for the cx3 is the heatsinks for motor and its like 4 pounds.
    The link i posted earlier have a specific section about the cx3 which i found very usefull.

    Any of you guys who own small helis also fly fixed wings?

    Not really. I built a twin electric 54in Britten-Norman Islander from a plan about 5 years ago but it has still to make its maiden.

    I also bought an ic trainer s/h about a year ago and same applies.


    The Islander is a nice plane.
    I have just started flying fixed wings again after a loooong break.


    I'd jump in directly with the Blade mSR because it flies like a real helicopter and is super stable.

    It also has mechanical dual rates so you can get it to fly like a crazything once you have learnt.

    I want one of those but don't have the budget at the moment 🙁

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Chap here is using a RC copter for filming from to get some radmax shots of backcountry snowboarding:


    And some more footage from someone a bit futher down the line:


    looks nice,flamejob but its too expensive.maybe in the future!

    ok so i like this honey bee with collective pitch.

    if i went for that,would it be a mistake over the cx3?

    cant reply tomorrow,im at work.but will order tomorrow lunch time. i will check back here before ordering it.ill reply in the eve.
    thanks again for all yer help folks!



    i saw that links earlier nedr,ta.gives you good ideas for mtb stuff eh?!

    as a gift for someone else, when you're not sure how capable they are, I think I'd go for a co-axial / contra-rotating heli – easier to get started.

    if buying for yourself and already used to a co-ax, I'd definitely get something collective pitch.

    I've just looked at the Honey Bee CP3 and the only thing I'd be wary of is the tail rotor having its own separate motor.
    My Twister v2 has the same and while it has yet to cause me any problems, if (when) you get a boom strike you will have to cut the wires to the tail motor, then resolder them when you've replaced the boom…

    as an alternative, how about this one: http://www.modelshopleeds.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=39_43&products_id=2234&osCsid=6dcb2342c933f2adb973fb8e7a20f884 if you can get it in stock.Ready to Fly, collective pitch, belt drive tail rotor. It's from J Perkins and speaking from experience their spares backup is excellent.

    Heliguy also do the Esky Belt CP, which is good for the price at £145 – a little over budget perhaps, but there are quite a few flyers at our club with the old model Belt CP who swear by it

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    martin, did you see this one: http://www.vimeo.com/4230764

    few shots of the helicopter they're using. No idea about them myself, but it likes quite pro to me!


    I would suggest the Blade mCX as it can be flown in a small living room. I like to try & land mine on the newel post!

    If you want to go down the collective pitch route, get a decent simulator too. It won't stop you from crashing but it will help. Also, be prepared to shell out loads on spares!


    well i narrowed it down to 2 that i quite liked and phoned up a certain shop.i said i liked the look of a few of the beginner copters and he said he wouldnt recommend them for a beginner.ffs.
    he mentioned something else but it looked so cheap and tacky.i said i would check it out and call him back.

    so i looked around and found the blade msr for 115quid. after reading the review i went for it. This is from the guy thats been flying for years in the above link..


    Stay away from single rotor collective pitch birds with electric tail rotors – they are rotten to learn on. You need a belt driven or shaft driven tail rotor with variable pitch to react fast enough to correct for the ever changing (at times violent) reactive torque loads from the the main rotor – yes even more so when you're just learning.

    A motor driven tail rotor simply can't respond fast enough to keep the tail steady. The tail holding and control is vague and twitchy at best. On top of that, tail motors are under enormous strain and usually burn out quickly. I explain this in greater detail in my theory section and harp on this point constantly.
    That said, the new E-flite Blade mSR actually breaks this rule – click that link to find out why. It is a very small micro electric heli however, and I am focusing on larger birds here. If you are looking for a low cost single rotor fixed pitch bird that actually flies well – the blade mSR is the only one I can recommend"

    cant be bad with him bigging it up like this..

    It sounds good,seemed a good price and on youtube it looks really good.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Dammit. I can see I'm going to have to get one of these now… 😆

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