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  • jfeb

    I haven’t tried any of the tyres you mention apart from Nobby Niks but unless you ride somewhere particularly rocky, I have nothing bad to say about my usual Nobby Nik front, Racing Ralph rear combo. Fast rolling and plenty grippy even if there is a bit of mud on the trail still.

    Well the sun has been out for a while now, the hour has gone on so the evenings are longer and dryer. Yes spring has arrived and summer will be hot on its heels. So its time to take off the chunky tread tyres for something a bit faster rolling. The question is do I go with Razer XC 2.1’s, Hutchinson Python airlight, High Roller 62A 2.1’s or Nobby Nic Evo 2.1’s? There maybe some soft ground out there still and the odd damp trail so if I want fast, but not to fall over anytime I hit a wet patch, which of these tyres best fits the bill? I’m drawn to the High Rollers but purely based on reviews and not experience of riding them.

    Whilst I’m sure they are all decent tyres I was hoping to hear from people with experience to allow them to give comparitive feedback.


    Fair enough. I’ll stand aside for the flood of responses


    The Pythons are super fast, but in my experience they seem to wear fast. Just as fast, if not faster, and my favourite tyre all year apart from deep mud = Hutchinson Piranha.

    Bear in mind i’m an old xc racing type.

    I have used both High Rollers and Nobby Nics. I found that the High rollers are a very good tyre but a little too sketchy for me. The grip in the corners with the HR is amazing but I didn’t get on with the center profile grip. The Nics are what I’m using now and have been for a couple of seasons now, I have used them through the winter mud without any real problems. I’m tubeless so slightly lower pressures my have helped. I like the profile and the grip on most surfaces is good. They last pretty well as long as you don’t do massive skids on roads etc. Downs side of the Nics is the price, if Maxxis did the Advantage FR in UST I may give them a go because the profile is similar to the Nics and they are better value.


    Very pleased with my Racing Ralphs, used to run Nevegals, but these are miles less draggy and don’t give away much grip to them unless the suface is loose. This year sees more side block height so they are closer to Nobbly Nics than previously alledgedly. Good deal from Merlin on a pair. No issues on fragility so far either.


    my experience of NN’s was shocking – i rearely wear anything out – my tyres last me years but the NN lasted 3 days of cycling in Morocco – sidewalls are as thing as cig paper and even a whiff of rocks makes the tremble – a terrible tyre in my opinion. (having said all that their customer service was fab and they send me out a new pair which i promptly sold on STW)

    I think the NN are a love it or hate it tyre.

    steve t

    I’ve run 2.3 Razers as a rear tyre, grip’s pretty good in most contitions and they are fast. They come up bloody small though so the 2.1 will be proper skinny.


    Was riding razors 2.1 for racing… super fast but in damp conditions will test your bike skills! also have nobby nics evo’s on over winter… great tyre too but wouldn’t say they are as fast rolling as razors, super grippy!

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