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  • stumpy01

    Only one I’ve got is The Wildhearts “If Love Is Like a Lovebank I Want An Overdraft” 12″ gatefold with a “Lovebank” note in the sleeve.

    God knows if it’s worth anything…


    I have an old Roxy Music life bootleg called Champagne and Novocaine somewhere. Probably valueless though.


    i have several blade (of you don’t see the signs) fame records that were extremely limited. Unopened. Worth a few quid.
    I also have a very early de la soul 12” test pressing. Never looked into it’s value.
    Come to think of it, i have quite a few hip hop/rap oddities.


    NSWL007 – About £20
    Blawan ?– Getting Me Down – About £30
    SUNKLOWUN – About £25
    Boddika & Joy Orbison ?– Swims – About £20
    Boddika ?– 2727 – About £20
    Digital Mystikz ?– Return II Space – About £20

    Not “rare” by a long shot but certainly now worth more than I paid for them. Need to go through the rest of my collection but that’s off the top of my head.

    Premier Icon verses

    I have Nirvana’s Bleach on the Sub-Pop label. No idea what it’s worth but think it has potential.

    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    used to have loads of em, all the punk coloured vinyls, picture discs, full sets of uk subs etc. at the time i remember stuff like sex pistols credit card sleeve always being worth £25 at the time (big money back then). when i decided to sell up instead of hoarding stuff id never use again, i was excited about how much theyd have appreciated in value. they were worth **** all 😀
    sold the lot for £250 to a collector 🙂


    I’ve got the WWF superstars singing Slam Jam on 7″ vinyl, might be worth a few bob or nothing at all, not sure.

    I’ve also got a pressing of ‘Donald where’s ya troosers’ by Andy Stewart, but it’s not the 7″ it’s the 12″ extended mix where he prentends to be Elvis and shit.

    Used to have The The’s Uncertain Smile on 7″ (with the flute solo instead of Jools Holland giving it the beans on the joanna).

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Not a record but a videogame from the golden age when programmers were like rock stars (sort of!) It’s on 5.25″ disk and has awesome fold-out packaging like a proper record! Excellent game as well. Just like this one: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M-U-L-E-Electronic-Arts-Atari-400-800-Complete-in-Folio-MULE-/400517996033?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item5d40bb9e01 (I didn’t pay quite that much for it mind!)

    Aphex twin “didgeredoo” on a white label.

    Premier Icon kilo

    Thurman Merman – Member

    Used to have The The’s Uncertain Smile on 7″ (with the flute solo instead of Jools Holland giving it the beans on the joanna).

    Still got that one. I have a limited run issue of the new order substance lp which came with a completely different gatefold sleeve bearing the legend “Not for resale unless desperate.” (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/new-order-substance-lp)

    I also had the 7 inch factory sample and ideal for living but off loaded them. I think a few of my old singles might be worth a bit now got some very odd pogues picture discs and Lev Bronstein by the Redskins which was rare when i was given it


    This is a bit random, but I bought a huge collection of 50s Elvis Presley singles and fanzines from the auction mart in Orkney. The fanzines were all in sequential numbers from issue one upwards. I’ve no idea if they are worth owt.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I’ve got Merry Go Round by the Wonderstuff on 7″.
    Mondo Akimbo cd single by The Wildhearts which I’ve never even listened to and Motown Junk by The Manics.
    Not sure if they are worth money anymore but saw them in Record Collector once.

    Premier Icon hatter

    Oh man, me and my Vinyl, got loads of coloured, picture disc, gatefold etc but my fave may have to be.

    Anthrax/Public Enemy: Bring the Noise – 12″ White label single


    Clutch: Passive Restraints EP – 12″ on Earache from back in the day

    Mind you, Baroness’s new Live in Maida vale EP on acid etched clear vinyl with gold/black splatter is a thing of beauty.



    afx caustic window
    afx annalogue bubblebath
    spacemen 3 of various records and sonic boom.
    smiths boy with a thorn in his side
    madchester and numerous other from the rave scene etc

    Premier Icon juanking

    I’ve got all the picture discs DJ Shadow gave away. I’ve got a first press of DJ Shadow Diminishing Returns with the all the coasters etc and got a first press (of the initial 1000) of Brainfreeze. They must be worth a few quid.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Thurman Merman – Member
    Used to have The The’s Uncertain Smile on 7″ (with the flute solo instead of Jools Holland giving it the beans on the joanna).

    If you want to fry my little brain ask me which version I prefer.


    Original Gatefold Sgt pepper, complete with the cardboard cut-out Beatles figures inside.


    KLF, Chill Out.
    I don’t believe there are that many of them.


    Digital Mystikz DMZ001

    Premier Icon richmars

    I’ve got a copy of ‘Wish You Were Here’, but it’s unopened, so still in the black wrap. Not sure if it’s worth much?

    A bit niche. Largest number of packets of prawn cocktail crisps eaten in an hour without a drink a 26, set in 1984 and it still stands.

    Justified Ancients of Mu Mu – 1987 What the **** is going on?

    just googled some random ones i own and found my copy of the damned phantasmagoria with bonus blue 12″ of eloise is worth over £20 (on 1 site i looked at anyway!)

    Pristine as always kept in a plastic sleeve – and probably not played for some time!!

    The wife has got some mono Beatles stuff still unwrapped. Not sure if its worth much mind.


    I have a mono copy of, Beggars Banquet by the Rolling Stones, picked it up for £2 from a charity shop, along with other Rolling Stones albums at the time!

    Guess I might show a profit on that one if I ever sell it.

    One of my all time favorite albums too 😉

    American Beat by Beauleisure on 7″ vinyl.


    Thrustyjust – Member

    The wife has got some mono Beatles stuff still unwrapped. Not sure if its worth much mind.

    I would be so tempted to play them, lock them up and hide the key 😉

    I have a 4 LP version of Northern Exposure Vol 1 that’s prolly worth a few quid. Lots of very early KLF, Aphex Twin, Orbital and early house/dance from 87-89. About 500 odd funk and soul albums from the late 60’s early 70’s Lou Donaldson, Grant Green etc etc

    Don’t matter though as not one is getting sold.


    Sex Pistols Anarchy in the Uk single.
    Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks picture disk Album.
    The Clash by The Clash album.
    Sham69 Hersham Boys double album.
    Dead Kennedys Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables.
    Various Uk Subs/SLF singles.

    And a Russ Abbot album.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I had a Modern Jazz Quartet pressing on Apple records that I flogged on ebay for around the £100 mark.

    I also have the John Coltrane Heavyweight Champion Complete Atlantic Recordings Boxset and on a completely different tip the Major Force Original Artform Boxset

    I’ve just been given a load of records by my dad as well and I imagine there’s some peaches in there once I’ve had a rummage through.

    Then there’s my Tiffany album – got to be worth 50p!

    More annoyingly are the ones that have gone missing – my Leftfield 0- Leftism – Triple Vinyl Gatefold (weren’t a huge number of them pressed before they went to just a double album) and my Tony de Vit white lable pressing.


    Danny B

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    U2 – white label BBC live concert recording from 1981.
    U2 Lemon club mixes 12″ on Yellow transparent vinyl.
    Black Crowes – Remedy single 12″ in a tin.
    Charlatans – Indian Rope, original 12″ pressing not re-release.
    The Animals. House of the rising sun. Original 7″.
    Otis Redding. Sittin’ on the dock of the bay. Original 7″.


    DJ Hype- Shot in the Dark


    Boddika & Joy Orbison ?– Swims – About £20

    Don’t suppose you’ve got Mercy?

    zippykona wrote:

    Mondo Akimbo cd single by The Wildhearts which I’ve never even listened to

    I had that on the white 12″, when i was really skint I had to part with it. Luckily they were still really popular at the time, so i got an obscene amount of money for it. same for the first fan club version of fishing for luckies, that paid my rent for a month!

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    I have some jazz on 78’s. 🙂

    Also used to have a Winnie the Pooh vinyl single that was a bright colour. 😀

    Premier Icon 18bikes

    I’ve got the Sesame St album with the “3 feet high and rising” by De La Soul sample


    Tinmen – 18 Strings white label 12″

    Baby D – Destiny 12″. This is in itself is not rare but it has the live version of Let Me Be Your Fantasy on the b-side and thats the rare part about it.

    Original pressing of New Order – Blue Monday. Only ever released as a 12″ so not sure how rare this is but the cardboard sleeve must have £10 worth of material in it. Rumour is that they lost money on every copy sold.

    I’ve got a few. Values seem to go up and down every time I look, so don’t really bother looking now. Besides, e-bay killed the market somewhat and prices plummeted

    Here’s a few of mine

    Little Angels – Radical Your Lover by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr

    Helloween- Keeper of the Seven Keys pt I by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr

    Metallica – Ride The Lightning by -Cheesyfeet-, on Flickr

    More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/cheesyfeet/sets/72157623881969820/


    Three of my favourites, visually.

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