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  • Rapha and Raeburn wind jacket
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    Chris, what have you done? Tut tut. 🙂

    Either would look great above a Ti Jones. 😀


    Don’t ask me how but I have ended up with two of these jackets, one in green and one in orange, both large.I know they are a stupid price for a nylon jacket that at Aldi would be less than a tenner and I’m amazed that virtually all the orange and green have already sold out.Must be lots of mugs like me out there. If anyone wants to make an offer before I send one back or stick it on Ebay , drop me a line on the address below.Both are brand new unworn with tags and receipts. I can send pics if needed but they will simply replicate those on the Rapha website- there is also a video to try to justify the cost. It doesn’t.




    I’d give you nearly everything in my for sale thread but I’m afraid I’ve no money.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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