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  • IanW

    Yesterday ….. There’s a primary school 200 yards further down this road, the van is forcing parents with kids onto the road on a bend.
    He parks like that quite regularly, stupid thing is parking on the pavement still restricts the road to single file so serves no purpose.
    He just a cretin.


    Send that photo to his employers

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    These kind of situations do tend to happen more often in new estates, in my experience. Strange that.


    Brother in law parked outside a terraced house and the owner came out asking him to move out of ‘his space’ a little chat ensued and at the end he told the book to ‘go **** yourself , you **** ****’ (yes that’s two f’s and one c word in one sentence).

    I found this out when I bought the house next door to guy my BiL was ‘chatting’ to. How I laughed….


    Agreed re new housing however these houses are about 15 yrs old all have drives and there’s free space 50 yards away used by most people who have commercial vehicles to keep them out of the way.

    I was actually ringing Morrisons when the lady came down the road with a buggy so took the opportunity to take a snap, tbh I won’t take up any more time on it, even doing something about this one there’ll be someone else further down the road. The issue I believe is the primacy given to vehicles combined with the cretinous nature of some folk and you get various bad behaviours associated with car users.


    Friend of mine (definitely not me) used to work at a new car PDI and storage depot.

    He had someone parking ‘in his space’ car in question was the same manufacturer as the ones that accounted for the bulk of the stored cars at the depot. He noted down the Reg, identified the VIN using the manufacturers parts software. Got a key, drove the car off and parked it on two streets away.

    Car didn’t park their again. Can’t say I agree with the method but it was certainly inventive.


    Get onto the council. Get an on street skip permit. Hire skip. Place in her parking space. Leave it there.
    I used to get moaned at by a bloke who had claimed a space in our unallocated communal car park. Unfortunately I got home before he does. Guess where I park? It’s fun. He gave up moaning after about 18 months. He now parks in any empty space. As do I. He is talking to me again now too. Which I’m sure you can understand is a real relief.


    Had a bit of bother at our last place when we parked on the road on rare occasions we couldn’t use our off road space due to guests, vans etc. Fake ‘police aware’ stickers on windows, number plates ripped off….asked around and it turns out it was the grumpy ****t up the end of the road who was also a note writer.

    Our new place is on a dead end single track country lane with a farm down the bottom. Over Christmas I had to go out and ask a walker to move their car as instead of parking in one of he many blocked off field entrances he parked on a single track part completely blocking the road and blocking me from getting my car out of our driveway. When I pointed this out his reply was to ask when we were going out! Should have just left him to park there and let the farmer find it blocking his tractor.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Having seen the stress my brother went through because of a neighbour dispute, I just let it go.
    Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold.
    Sometimes it’s worth biting your tongue.

    Premier Icon wiggles

    I’ve had this loads of times, neighbours using (stolen highway agency) cones to try and reserve their space on a street. Bearing in mind this was opposite a tesco express so there was constantly people looking for parking, all the streets around were residents only (with a £75 a year permit) so I would rather park a few steps further from my house than pay that…

    Funny how their cones kept disappearing? 😉

    Also my old office was in a suburban estate with a few office buildings next to a big new housing estate full of old people, ALL of the houses had drives wide enough for 2 cars, most of them only had one, but god forbid you park on the pavement between their huge drives 🙄

    I got some proper abusive notes, just for parking on a road? people need to seriously look at themselves in a mirror sometimes…

    On my parents road they all got a letter through the door offering them all free H bar markings at the bottom of their drives due to careless students from the 6th form college nearby parking cars across driveways, so H bars were painted and the college kids park sensibly, only for the residents to park their cars on the H bars blocking driveways instead regardless of the college being in or not! And they all have perfectly nice long driveways to park on as well.

    Caz xx


    I used to park in a street near work. Once an area was marked off with cones. I thought “WTF, this is a public road” and parked there anyway, and found a rude note on my car when I returned. I threw the note away and drove off. Next day a lady came from the nearby house and apologized for leaving the note and explained she’d had to carry her handicapped son from the end of the road. I felt about one inch tall 🙁

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    and explained she’d had to carry her handicapped son from the end of the road

    My wife took a group of wheel chair users to town one day in the adapted school minibus. It’s got big signs on the back saying don’t park within 1.5 metres due to ramp access required.

    They were parked in a marked disabled bay which has posts at one end and they’d parked front near the posts to give room for the ramp.

    Came back and someone had had parked a non disabled badge displaying Mercedes literally touching the bumper of the ‘bus. Not even enough room to shuffle it out of the bay and get the kids in.

    There was a for sale sign in the car with a mobile number on it so my wife called and asked if the owner would mind moving her car. An irate woman turned up 5 minutes later and met my wife on the road side of the minibus. There was a fair amount of shouty anger for being dragged out of her ‘important meeting’ followed by some swearing at my wife.

    As they walked round to the kerb side of the bus she caught sight of the 4 kids in wheelchairs and their carers all waiting for her and went a bit quiet.


    Yep been there done that.
    Some people refuse to be considerate and reasonable and just act like assholes.
    My old house was basically a terraced street, some houses had put parking directly in front of their houses instead of gardens, so you couldnt park in front of the house on the street either, as you’d be blocking access to their parking space. Fine.
    Except my neighbour had 3 cars (2 his and 1 his daughter’s), so rather than park the 3rd car wherever he could find a space, he parked in front of our house, swapping cars over whenever he needed to use the one in front of ours. He always waited until we went out to swap the cars.
    Even when we were moving out he moved the yellow cones we had obtained from the police and got one of his mates to park in front of the house. Vile family, the lot of them. He will be up first against the wall when im in power.
    We have lovely neighbours now.


    gofasterstripes – wonderful

    Premier Icon ChrisHeath

    We have a farm nearby with a dog that barks all night; I went round and politely discussed it with the farmer, who has a reputation for being aggressive. Despite my fears, he was perfectly reasonable about it and the barking has stopped. It’s amazing what a civilised meeting can achieve.

    You do realise he shot the dog, don’t you?



    wwaswas – if your wife had called the council they would have sent a truck asap to lift her car away. Saves all the shouting and provides silent sweet revenge.


    gofasterstripes – wonderful

    Aye I am going to copy that and just leave it on random cars 😀



    Replace * with u of course.

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