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  • Rockhopper

    wallop – Member

    I was in the French Alps this summer. Popped over a pass into a remote valley and saw on the trail one of those old school aluminium can ring pulls. How long must that have been there for!!?

    They are still making cans with old school ring pulls in the UAE. All the cans out here (Afghanistan) come from Dubai and most have old style ring pulls including Coke and Pepsi.


    £20, topeak multi tool. On Boxing Day a couple of years ago a bag with a full set of quality junior cricket gear. 3 county bats, pads, clothes and boots. Went back in the car and picked them up and donated them to the village under 11s.
    On a canal path just out of town about 5pm on a summers day; a naked young couple, he was lying along the path and she was astride going hell for leather facing me as I rode up!! They didn’t seem bothered at all. I had to ride round them!

    bent udder

    Plenty of random stuff at the side of the road on my commute – usually on the tiny bit of the a4 cyclepath I ride.
    Crutches, Eastbound M4, Chiswick by bent udder, on Flickr

    The Norwegian contingent at Box Hill during the Olympics: a complete satellite TV receiver plus display, pulled by a bike.

    Untitled by bent udder, on Flickr

    Also: a mint condition trenching tool which I still use, various multitools, tyre levers, LEDs, and snapped off mudguards and discarded inner tubes. The last one always gets me: you have to take a tube out of your bag to replace it with, so why leave the old one by the side of the trail, especially when you can patch and reuse it in about five minutes once you’re back home? Aside from general littering, it seems like the actions of a complete prick.


    Found an iPhone 4s last year while on a road ride, wasn’t blocked so phoned the ICE number and got it back to the owner. The muppet had left it on top of his car when heading off on a journey…

    £20 note.

    Several £1 coins, about a tenners worth, well actualy my 8 year old (at the time) younger brother did, in a pile of horse poo, presumably it ate a wallet? Oddly, that was the same campsite about 10 years appart!

    Hedge grumble.


    Found a lovely Zippo lighter once, all shiny and new it was.

    Premier Icon cp

    The muppet had left it on top of his car when heading off on a journey…

    I’ve done that before, with both a phone and a Garmin 310XT. The phone was no geat loss, thankfully I heard the GPS fall off about 4 miles down the road and grabbed it. That would have been a good score for a passing cyclist/runner!


    I remember a thread like this from a few years ago. Someone said they found a stick with a condom on the end. That still chills my blood!

    I found a bike abandoned in the middle of the road recently: An old but capable Ultegra-specced racer, complete with energy juice bottles. It looked like an aborted theft or abduction.

    A little local detective work revealed that it had been insufficiently secured to the roof mount after a ride! 🙄


    thankfully I heard the GPS fall off about 4 miles down the road and grabbed it.

    Unlike this guy. Quite amazing footage!

    Gopro lost at sea for 2 months


    Last few months:

    Hedge pron, published.
    Loads of gay-man hedge pron, printed from the internet.
    A pink vibrator*
    Several dead pets in piles of fly-tipped rubbish

    Jeez. Where do you ride? Canal Street? 😆

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Kettering>Wellingborough via Pytchley, Orlingbury + Little Harrowden

    Did it for the last time on Monday 🙂


    Found a cardboard box full of live 9mm bullets , few hundred of them.

    under a rock in the ogden vally, a pair of white boxers full of sh..e

    Premier Icon cp

    there’s a lot of sex toys found road/trail side!


    Not on a road but found a drone, military plane thing, on way out to St. Kilda about 7 years ago. Fished it out the sea and took it to the army base on Kilda. They said thanks. I thought it was at least worth a couple of pints myself to say thank you.


    Snap on pry bar.

    Premier Icon joat

    @tang, it wasn’t a topeak alien at Sherwood Pines was it. If so it was mine, luckily I found my wallet that had fallen out as well when I forgot to zip up my backpack pocket. Several people must have passed it, it was about a foot from the centre of the singletrack. Sinking feeling followed by huge relief I tell ye! To be fair I hadn’t realised I’d lost my multitool at the time.


    Briko glasses, a few random tools and a set of decent binoculars in a case and in mint condition!

    Off the bike I’ve found an empty purse, £20 note and a fair few pound coins. Weirdest thing was finding a 1960’s purse when renovating a hotel. Was stuffed behind a cistern in the toilet block of the ballroom, we reckon someone had nicked it and emptied the cash out before stashing what was left!

    Premier Icon 456mocha

    I found some nearly new Nike hightops on the road.
    Not my size so left them on the verge.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    A large, purple double ended dildo, outside a pub in Rawtenstall last week.
    A very dead parrot in Philips park in Whitefield.

    A couple of inner tubes every Hit The North. Thanks!

    Always stop and get a free water bottle or two at the bottom of the last rollercoaster bit at Llandegla.

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