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  • IanW

    Washing off the line?

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    Took a hire car back to the depot, chap comes out starts shining uv torch on tyres, engine bits etc, when asked why, he said people where hiring cars for a weekend and stripping the new bits, and replacing with older parts suitably cleaned up.

    I know a guy that did that- hired a motorbike for the weekend, nicked a bunch of parts, then took it back and demanded a refund as the gearbox was knackered- what with being full of his old worn out bits. What a ****.


    I had all 4 valve caps stolen a few weeks ago. The nearside ones must have been a challenge as the car was parked tight against a wall. No damage and nothing else taken. Weird! When I noticed I went down to the local tyre fitters and the guy gave me 4 caps straight from his pocket…


    We were burgled 3 years ago. All sorts taken but they missed a brand new £400 arai helmet still in its box on the dining room table bought that day


    Normal weird stolen stuff, you know. Aftershave from our bathroom during a break in, half used like. When my car got stolen and the police found it, it had a load of really expensive tools in the boot. Worth more than the damage they caused.

    But this is the winner. I defy you lot to better this.

    When we lived in Manchester, I had some quite expensive designer pants. About three pairs. my girlfriend loved them. Like long legged trunks. If I ever wanted to have sex, I just needed to wear a pair and walk past her.

    Anyway, two pairs were hung up on the line and got nicked one day. Odd.

    Then my girlfriend went away to Canada for a month. During this period, one of her friends called one night. She lived across the road and had a reputation of being a bit of a friendly lady. She was wearing this long coat and reeked of alcohol and weed.

    She gave me this doey eyed look and pulled one side of the coat open, no clothes on underneath….EXCEPT FOR A PAIR OF MY PANTS!!!!!!

    Is that supposed to turn me on!!!? (Well it might of, a little bit). But NO!

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    Samuri -POIDH


    Sorry. She was a cuddly lady as well, stuff was hanging out.

    Plenty of stories about her. When the guys were digging up the road in front of her house she invited them into her house in turn…..

    Her regular boyfriend, according to her, would lie on the couch naked and order her to do things to him. Bad things.

    She had a fight out in the street with him one time. They were always fighting in the street but this time she was wearing the full trip and nothing else.

    My girlfriend looked after her young son a lot because she felt sorry for him. He would just sit watching TV silently. I worried about what he might have seen.

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    I know some builders who came to start their cement mixer, it wouldn’t start reason someone had very carefully removed the petrol engine. My father used to work for the gas board, him and his mate couldn’t understand why no traffic was passing their “hole” – traffic lights had failed as someone had hitched up the generator and driven off

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