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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    Some thieves are really not very clever. This is not news 🙂 I once had my free (ie cheap crappy) pair of prescription sunglasses stolen. Good luck selling those on 🙂

    left the bikes on the back of the car all locked up snug

    That’s a massivley bad idea though – bike racks are not hard to break, and it advertises that you have nice bikes to any old scrote passing by.

    May mate got his car broken into on a pub car park one night – his company mobile phone was in a pocket on the centre console, so what did Mr junkie take?

    Correct, his RayBans and a packet of chewing gum…


    My car was broken into a few years ago and, I kid you not, my Tesco Clubcard was the only thing stolen!!!!! Shades, CD’s etc not touched.

    Premier Icon unknown

    My car was once broken into and they stole the cable from the CD changer in the boot. Not the changer itself mind, just the cable.


    I once had a kiddies trailer stolen from my back yard
    They left the wheels [ which they had to pick up to get to the frame]

    We left our car unlocked for a week once, and someone nicked the packet of mints from the glove box and nothing else. Which probably says something about our CD collection (or the general undesirability of CDs as a thing to nick nowadays).

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Friend’s car at uni was broken in to regularly. Thief would nick stuff like a can of deicer, a duster, a furry seat cover and a pencil, but totally missed the EOS SLR camera that had been left in there by mistake.

    We knew the guilty party though. Idiot that lived opposite. We got him arrested when he tried to gate crash our party. Pillock.

    We’ve had a 5 bar gate nicked from a field. proper random devon theft that one…


    More a random tale…

    My cousin had his old Alfa Romeo stolen last year, but the thief had taste as he left his Kylie Minogue and Mel B CD’s on there end on the kerb where the car had been


    our student house was burgled when we were away, they took some clothes, some CDs and a bottle of Jack Daniels. they tried to take a large tin can full of pennies but that was obviously too heavy. the surprising part was that they left a Playstation, an N64 (this was 10+ years ago), 3 televisions, two laptops, a high-spec PC and a couple of small stereos.

    we also had a 30kg punch bag stolen from the back yard another time – that can’t have been easy to run off with…

    Premier Icon thepurist

    I’m pretty sure I had a (Superstar) singlespeed tensioner nicked from my bike at a station. It had been giving me a bit of grief on the ride in so I definitely checked it was still attached when I arrived and doubt it fell off while I was locking the bike up, but it was gone when I got back. Made for an irritating ride home, but an entertaining chat with Charlie the Bikemonger who sorted me out with some decent kit.


    had my dh bike stolen. police recovered it a month later. in one piece. only thing missing…. my orange maxxis dustcaps

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Garage broken into a few weeks ago. They stole some boxes of old kiddy shoes, a carrier bag full of my wifes old handbags and my pop up gazebo.


    Premier Icon cp

    Car steering wheel

    Car was broken into, I assume to nick the car, and I assume a lever was used to try and break the steering column lock. Instead, the column itself sheared at the splines where the wheel mounts. made off with the steering wheel!

    At uni, house broken in to, on Viole(n)t Rd, in that Southampton…

    They only got in to one room, belonging to the daughter of a very senior banker. Said room contained rather a large amount of shiny things, jewels, silver photo frames, etc. They stole a broken stereo, and left everything else undisturbed.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    At uni, house broken in to, on Viole(n)t Rd, in that Southampton

    Funnily enough… that’s where our thefts took place too.

    edit: except for the invisible SLR incident, which was in Monte Halls carpark.

    Funnily enough… that’s where our thefts took place too.


    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    Someone stole my hosepipe and an empty hippo bag from our house just after we bought it and it was uninhabitable. Cycled past to wash my bike after a ride before heading back to the flat we were living in at the time. I was dumbfounded that such a thing went missing. I honestly thought that I’d moved it at first.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Good choice of uni though 🙂

    About 4000 police road cones went missing too, when they diverted the M27 thru the student halls one weekend.

    And in the aforementioned street in the Flowers estate, some roadworkers dug a hole at 3pm one afternoon put up barriers and flashing lights, and boogered off. By 4pm everything had been nicked, leaving a hole in the road.
    edit: and feel sorry for anyone who had to live in Pansy Road 😉

    Premier Icon stever

    A William Walton cassette and an ice axe from the boot of my car. I hope to heck there wasn’t some Clockwork Orange type incident on the streets of Toxteth afterwards.


    When I was in halls at uni, some bloke broke into the neighbouring block while a load of the inhabitants were in one blokes room getting stoned.
    A girl who wasn’t joining in the smoking session went to have a bath and found blood up the walls and in the bath with big handprint smears.
    She thought someone had been murdered, screamed the place down and the crowd of half stoned students came running to her aid. They searched their block and found the bloke who had broken in cowering in a shower room trying to staunch some rather serious bleeding.
    He had nicked a tin of Ambrosia rice pudding from one of the kitchens and had retreated to the bathroom to eat it. Rather than nicking a can opener at the same time, he tried to use a swiss army knife to open the can, got it wrong and slashed his hand open pretty badly…..

    The Police turned up and apparently he was well known to them. he was addicted to the thrill of stealing so had a long list of minor thefts to his name.

    My Dad used to be a black cab driver and had his cab broken into no the drive one night. They nicked a really old knackered battery radio and took the rear-view mirror – but not the whole thing; they had somehow opened up the ‘socket’ part of the ‘ball and socket’ and just taken the mirror with ball attached, but no socket to put it in.

    Funny thing was our boxer had been going nuts and barking like mad and jumping up to the window, which was really not her normal behaviour. My dad kept telling her off and pulling her away from the window. Think he felt a bit stupid the next morning!

    EDIT – oh and a group of yoofs mugged me once. Stopped me in the street and got me to empty my pockets out (broad daylight on a busy Wembley high road and no one helped, even though plenty could see what was going on). I think they were a bit disappointed when all I had to offer them was a Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction casette and a baseball bat keyring. They took the keyring. I don’t think they were Megadeth fans….!


    [/quote]We’ve had a 5 bar gate nicked from a field. proper random devon theft that one…

    Had the perpetrator taken on eof the panels, he’d have taken offense…

    Soz, its really not funny

    Premier Icon T666DOM

    I had my Saxo broken into years ago all they stole was the tax disc. I think it only had about 2 months left on it which probably amounted to £20 at most. They’d trashed the passanger door tyring to break the lock with a screwdriver it had 3 or 4 holes in where they’d missed!! Numskulls

    edit: except for the invisible SLR incident, which was in Monte Halls carpark.

    Monte!! C block veteran, 98-01. good days….

    Premier Icon manton69

    Got back from hols last night and left the bikes on the back of the car all locked up snug. My wife goes out to get supplies from the corner shop this morning and everything is still good to go so we can start sorting after breakfast. When she comes back the contents of a pannier are across the path, with only my skanky helmet and a couple of allen keys missing. Expensive shoes, wife’s helmet and all the kids kit was not touched as were a random pair of Park wire cutters and mole grips that were left.

    I will be on the lookout for the said their cycling past in my old battered lid, but that was rather specific peice of theivery.

    Just thinking what others have been left scratching heads about having had taken………

    PS Great holiday not ruined by now “having” to go and buy new kit 😉


    Our Uni house was broken into over the hols and squatters moved in. In an opposite vein to this thread they actually left a massive pile of porn mags in the living room when evicted, as they’d apparently just turned over a shop (when I say massive, the Police had to make two trips to get rid of it all – well most of it, ahem).

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Ditto! Well Monte A-block then Viole(n)t Road then Monte C-block (overlooking the old pavilion bar, that’s now gone). ’89-’92.

    A friend of mine had an anvil stolen from a farmyard.

    Another friend had the gearbox stolen from his truck. 😯
    Apparently, there’s a good export market for Bedford TK gearboxes, there’s plenty of ground clearance, so no need to jack it up, and it only takes ten minutes to undo the propshaft and the four bolts that hold the gearbox to the engine.

    Working at a Mercedes commercial dealer, we had the catalytic converters stolen off all the vans one night.
    After that, they were stored inside and only fitted when the van was sold.


    My car was stolen from a local pub, I got a call from the police saying it had been found a few miles away.

    Nothing missing, no damage all was fine. Though the thieves kindly left me a swiss army knife.


    Ditto! Well Monte A-block then Viole(n)t Road then Monte C-block (overlooking the old pavilion bar, that’s now gone). ’89-’92.

    Monte? Scum. Glen Eyre was the place to be. 90-93. Although I did get my kettle nicked by someone presumably from the Flowers.


    In Woodhouse, Leeds I once left the door open for five mins whilst I walked to Londis and back. On the way back I was threatened with a butter knife by one of the local feral children – not an unusual event but I recognised the knife*, it was ours! Realising my mistake I legged it home only to discover that they’d ignored the bikes in the kitchen, the playstation, telly etc. and just stolen the butter knife.

    *It had zoo animals on the handle, I loved that cutlery.


    Years ago my sister was flying out for a long trip to Thailand. On the Sunday I drove her down to Heathrow then straight back to Leeds. Before she left she handed me a pile of cash and asked if I could pay it into the bank for her. Being knackered after the drive I put it on the side and completely forgot to pick it up on the Monday morning.

    Got home from work on Monday evening and I’d been burgled. They’d been through a tin I kept expired ID cards (from when I’d been a student abroad – quite crap keepsakes, but never mind…) and foreign loose change in but failed to notice the big pile of £20 notes sitting on the side in the same room…

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    car window smashed to steal the tax disk, that was out of date. New one arrived in the post the next day

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I had my old astra nicked

    some scally drove off in it as I walked up, in a panic i threw a plastic drinks bottle i was holding at the windscreen (it bounced off fortunately)

    hours later I saw my car driving past

    rang the police, they chased him and he crashed it into a wall and got away

    couldnt get my car back as the police believed it had stolen goods- it did; about 6 dozen eggs 3 cases of toilet rolls and about 20 bottles of baby lotion.

    My Auntie awoke one morning to find the windscreen of her ford fiesta had been carefully removed & stolen.
    On contacting the insurance she was told it wasn’t covered as it wasn’t technically part of the car!


    I once had a Tag stolen.

    The naughty robber would have been pissed off when he got home to find it was a £5 Tenerife Special. 😆


    I think you’ll find the condemned stoneham tower was the place – followed by a house almost opposite the hogshead.
    I remember the flower’s estate well & seeing the B&Q flag & flagpole nicked and sticking through the house down the road only conforms its reputation


    When I was a kid, we had a break-in, and the thief stole a wallet and a giant box of choc-ices from the freezer.

    Police arrived promptly, and followed a trail of shiny choc-ice wrappers down three streets, into a close, up the stairs, to a door with a chocolatey hand print on it. Knocked on the door, and it was opened by a scroat with chocolate around his mouth.

    The officer said it was his fastest burglary result ever 😉

    Stoneham, Stoneham, Stoneham.
    “A steaming tower of love” as my best mate dave used to call it…


    Ohh, and and old school-friend was once disturbed when breaking into someone’s house – she heard him in her bedroom and called the plod.

    They found him hiding at the bottom of her garden dressed in her underwear.

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