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  • Random occasional boiler problem – any ideas?
  • Mary Hinge

    I have a Glow-worm gas boiler. Every once in a while, not with any noticeable event/coincidence, it will stop “kicking in”.

    It does this when in a program “on” cycle. Not when the timer goes from off to on.

    It does it more often around 6:30pm, but not exclusively. Sometimes we go 2 or 3 weeks without incident. Sometimes it’s a couple of days.

    The cure is to turn the power off, leave it a minute, turn it back on and all is good again.

    Turning the thermostat higher so that it “clicks” does not make the boiler fire when it’s having one of these wobblies.

    I’ve replaced the programmer, yesterday, and it’s just done it again! I tried a different thermostat previously which made no difference.

    Any ideas?


    buy a new freezer.

    Does it have a dial on the combi for setting the radiator / CH water temp? Have you fiddled with it? If so – then you shouldnt have. If not – then do so. Can you tell if I’m an expert? Could be anything but maybe the water temp sensor.

    Does it kick in for the taps ok?

    Mary Hinge

    It’s not a combi boiler.

    When it does this random thing, the hot water is still being heated, it just doesn’t feed the rads.

    There’s a motorised valve in the airing cupboard. Currently researching that!


    until the experts turn up to put me right i’d have to +1 what couldashouldawoudla says.

    Mary Hinge

    Not been fiddling with anything that I shouldn’t!

    Most of time all is fine and it works perfectly, hence the “random” reference.

    So I know the system is all good. Only thing that works is a re-boot.

    Just been looking at mid position valve issues. That might be it. Could be getting sticky or something. The reset will power it off and reset it too.

    Hopefully someone will come along and tell me where to squirt some WD40 and save me needing to buy a new valve, which will inevitably be a newer non-compatible with my existing valve and need a system drain….blah….blah….!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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