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  • mt

    Les Caygill in Dales Bike Centre having a coffee, Legend in his own life time that bloke.

    simon w

    Sandi Toksvig in a pub on the west of Barra in the Outer Hebrides (the Halaman?). Summer ’94.

    I was with a group on an archeology field trip from University and I seem to remember Sandi was really interested in what we were doing having studied archaeology herself. (Might be remembering this last bit incorrectly as we were archaeology students in a pub so we would have had a drink or two :-)).

    There was a chap with her who was quite quiet and didn’t say much. Turns out it was John McCarthy and they were filming a round the UK sailing trip together.

    I don’t think our meeting made it into the final edit.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    The Paralympic Colossus that is Richard Whitehead – in Sainsburys, middle of winter, only bloke in running shorts. It was so cold his metal legs had goose bumps.

    Nice guy, especially when I told him what an experience my kids had had in the stadium watching him win that gold.


    Phil ‘the power’ taylor riding around Llandegla

    Phil the Power Taylor is a mtber?? Why were we not informed previously?!

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Mark Lawrenson in the toilets at Dodd Wood near Keswick.
    Smiling…….. 😯


    Craig Charles. At a shitty amusement arcade in Lyme Regis where we duelled on a few machines before we retired to get slaughtered on lots of ale and wine.


    Nigel Farage got on the same bus as me this afternoon. He got on the number 320 in Bromley and got off at the same stop as me in Biggin Hill. He used an oyster card which suggests that he regularly uses public transport – it was the first time on a bus for me in years. He was wearing a seriously garish blue stripped blazer, made him look like some sort of clown.

    All quite random and unexpected. Unfortunately the reason for being in Bromley was that Joe Brand was making a guest appearance at a summer fair for the charity Mind, sadly we missed her as she had been and gone before we arrived.

    So no Joe Brand as expected, but an unexpected Nigel Farage instead 🙁


    Can you spot the Sir in this picture? I was just off to the left, the ginger in the parka and glasses is my mate!

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Lord Bath at the Stroud farmers market this morning.

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    *Jimmy Saville driving a Punto-van in Otley(when he was alive..)

    *Supergrass in Asda in Brighton Marina

    *Russell Howard crossing the road in front of my car in my hometown

    *Timothy Spall in my tearoom asking where the toilets were when I used to work on narrowboats.

    *Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the theatre a few seats from me watching Hairspray in New York.


    Dennis Lillee at a campsite fire in outback central western Queensland sometime back in the mid-1980s. I saw this bloke with a shaved head (no moustache) playing the guitar and thought I recognised him and his voice, but it wasnt until he got up and wander off for a pee that I knew who it was. I’d seen that walk a thousand times as he stalked back to his mark for his run up. God that man could bowl.

    I was on an escalator with Johnny Vegas, Liverpool airport.

    My Dad sat next to Stephen Hawking at the theatre in Stratford!

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