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  • samuri

    Ian Brown in Bent’s Garden Centre off the East Lancs,

    We know the Bents personally. I’m taking one of them on a road ride in a bit. I’m going to tear his legs off 😉

    Michael Schumacher stood next to me whilst checking out at the reception desk of a hotel in Daventry circa 1996.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Used to quite regularly see Posh and Becks at the Tesco in Prestwich doing early hours shopping back in about 99.


    Tony Hart at my works Xmas do. We poached his “gallery” theme tune for some of our adverts. 2 massive “minders” with him whom I drunkenly side stepped to inform him that “you sir, are a f*!*in legend!” I think he appreciated it………


    I’m loving the fact that Tony Hart (who is indeed a legend), needs two minders. Awesome!


    MOTHER OF GOD HE’S DEAD!!!! Why did no-one tell me???


    Jordan and Peter Andre at Heathrow – they’re tiny!

    Are you sure they weren’t just far away?


    Saw Phil Collins in Sainsburys in Guildford High Street many years ago. Also saw him on the train going back to Guildford out of Waterloo. He seemed very angry that the train was running late!!

    Also saw Rolf Harris one morning at Charing Cross station. Not what I expected as I was staggering bleary-eyed to work!!


    Dave Gilmour looking confused at the amount of cyclists on Hove seafront before we rode to Spin Up In A Brewery. Dressed in black t-shirt, black shorts, black socks and black trainers looking a bit sweaty.


    Billy Bragg, directly in front of me in a Post Office in Croydon.

    As his number was getting called, I tapped him on the shoulder:

    “Never thought I’d be QUEUEING UP with BILLY BRAGG!”, I quipped.

    He had the decency to laugh.

    Good guy, BB.


    Crashed a punt into one containing Stephen Hawkings of The Simpsons fame amongst other things!


    Lee Scratch Perry in Morecambe;
    RZA from Wu-Tang Clan in Barrow In Furness ***I THINK THIS MEANS I WIN***

    Vernon Kay used to have a couple of my mixtapes in his car, and in 1996 he had a few drinks in my room in uni halls, before going out clubbing with us and making a complete shaft-grasper of himself (I was mates with his younger brother, and Vernon was visiting)*.

    * – I only mention this because I wanted to use the term ‘shaft-grasper’.

    Norman Tebbit filled his Range Rover up at my petrol station once, as (I think) he was taking his daughter to Durham University.

    Premier Icon woody21

    Bananarama in Matlock in late 1980’s.

    Jennifer Saunders at the Badminton Horse Trials earlier this year


    Another.. Almost forgot..

    Simon Amstell from “never mind the Buzzcocks” etc. etc. sitting in the row in front of me and MrsBouy at Saddlers Wells a few weeks ago.
    The tall thin one from the PetShopBoys, again at Saddlers last year whilst their production of “the most incredible thing” was playing out on stage.

    Forgot about those two.

    Dave Myers (the dark haired one from the Hairy Bikers)
    Frankley services M5


    Couple of others :
    Jonny Morris outside Westminster – had to stop him and say thanks for making my childhood fun.
    Did the ‘door dance’ with Jamie Curtis in Santa Monica.

    Mick Jagger in the video games section of Harrods.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    And some bloke called Dave Cameron at a pub near chequers last summer

    I do find it fairly amusing to think that even PMs sometimes just think ‘sod this let’s go to the pub’. Assuming it wasn’t a crafted photo-op of course.

    Premier Icon NJA

    I once sold Martin Brundle a Bike (Marin Indian Fire Trail with Manitou 2’s IIRC).

    I didn’t recognise him and when I asked for his name and address for the receipt he loudly stated ‘I am Martin Brundle’ and then got very miffed because I still didn’t know who he was.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Penny from GMTV in pizza express Oxford few weeks ago , no longer a milf

    This saddens me.


    Helen Skelton skulking around eating a dirty fried chicken takeaway at the outdoors show in Excel earlier this year…

    Premier Icon austen

    Ronnie Wood keeps getting in my way as I’m heading out of the office for lunch. In fact on one occasion he was flirting with the checkout girl and fumbling for change in a little purse and hugely delayed my sandwich purchase!

    Also seen coming out of the Flight Centre.

    All in downtown Bath.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    John Major in John Lewis (b*****d jumped the queue)

    Prof. Heinz Wolff on the train.

    (and lots of others, but they were in places I’d have expected to bump in to them)

    Premier Icon tommyhine

    Nancy from Hollyoaks used to come down to Aston Hill for the races years ago, her boyfriend used to race there.

    Premier Icon HansRey

    my dad used to be one of the beaters and drivers for one of the big hunts in his area. Elle MacPherson and fella had rented the local castle and estate where the hunts were occuring. After seeing my dad’s dog offered to buy it for a lot of money.

    Premier Icon juanking

    Tom Baker again, this time in what was the Racing Page in Richmond. My mate shared his delight in seeing him. To which Mr Baker retorted, faarrrr***** Orffffff.

    Oh how we laughed!


    Phil ‘the power’ taylor riding around Llandegla


    you sure it wasn’t just some other fat knacker from stokey way?


    I’m pretty sure it was The Power himself


    Jack Steadman ( lead singer of Bombay bicycle club) tried to chat me up, at a v drunken party. Would NOT take no as an answer lol

    Seen loads of singers and bands at festivals either in the loo or queues for food ( not really unusual though)


    I’m pretty sure it was The Power himself

    A sighting of PTPT anywhere is good, but on a bike, bleeding fantastic.


    Yasser Arafat on Chiswick High Road, late ’90s. He was in the back of a limo with a rather large police presence. I also used to go to a gym near to the BBC which had a few Blue Peter presenters (Katy Hill!) in it but the best one there was seeing Bill Bailey having a personal training session.

    Saw a Ferrari waiting at a roundabout a few years ago and my first thought was ‘he’s a bit young to be driving that’ – then I realised it was Matt Bellamy from Muse.


    Jeremy Clarkson, stood next to him at a urinal in the NEC a while back. Gave me a ‘don’t look at my cock’ kind of look.
    Saw Paula Radcliffe a couple of months ago in M&S simply food at Tamworth services. Gave me a warm, friendly smile.


    another Ian Brown here,
    weekday morning about 830am before work, just off to get milk from what was then a Safeway at the bottom of Berwick St, soho.
    He’s mucking about being filmed on a silver BMX in the road. Have only seen clips of the final vid – was it FEAR?

    Not Ian Brown-

    The late, great Richard Whitely at the gents urinals in what was then the volcano club, glasgow!


    Dolly Parton came into the Princess Louise, Holborn, with a crowd of pearly kings. They were filming and the pearlies gave us loads of beer that had been bought for them.
    Donald Trump in Manhattan this April.
    Winston Churchill Jr in Crete airport.
    Prince Charles in the Abingdon St, Northampton. I ignored him.


    Lennox Lewis Pushing in front of me in the Burger King queue at McCarren Airport, Las Vegas. That was annoying, he nearly felt my temper. He got away without a pasting from a skinny cyclist that day!!


    Julie Christie on a train journey when the train broke down and it was just us two in the carriage. This was in the days when you could smoke on a train, and she asked me for a light. We sat and chatted for the rest of the journey- God but she was still gorgeous!


    Ian Brown gets bloody everywhere

    Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs at Glastonbury

    Mrs llama was having her hair done once when KYLIE MINOGUE came and sat in the next chair

    Premier Icon phil40

    Brian Moore at Trevose Golf club, we were both in the bar waiting for the dinner service to begin at the restaurant. I wanted to buy him a drink for all of his test matches against the french, but my wife decided I would come across as a sad middle aged star struck bloke!

    I kept looking on the pairs board to see if he wanted a partner for a round of golf on the classic course… no such luck 🙁

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