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  • Raintoday replacement android app?
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    Raintoday doesn’t seem to be in android play store anymore.

    So anything else that is as simple for a next hour type rain forecast?

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    Rain Alarm works for me. I’ve used it for yonks and one of the few apps I bought the “pro” (read: less addy) version.

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    Accuweather has a Minutecast view that shows the next 2 hours.

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    Already use WU for an idea of the forecast

    Minutecast looks good, I did look at accuweather but didn’t seem to see that…

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    The best one is Dark Sky but that’s now been bought by Apple and after July will no longer be available.
    AccuWeather isn’t too bad.

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    Rainy Days is rain radar type display so you can see what is coming your way

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    I would keep away from Accuweather

    AccuWeather to Pay $290K in Fines Over Sexual Harassment

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    Hyperlocal rainfall is very good for a one hour forecast

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    I’m running Raintoday on an Android phone.

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    Accuweather has a Minutecast view that shows the next 2 hours.

    Most weather apps use feeds from US forecasters, which are pretty coarse grained outside the US and don’t have local knowledge i.e. how large scale patterns can affect specific areas of the UK. So they’re pretty bobbins generally, which means we’re swamped with rubbish forecasts on our phones.

    The Met Office one has rain radar in it for both last 6 hours and future 24 hours, but it’s a click or two into the app or from the widget, so it’s not quite as convenient as raintoday. But I found raintoday to be ridiculous. Giving me alerts for rain under clear blue skies or half an hour into a heavy rain storm.

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    WeatherProHD is one I’ve used for ten years on all of my iPhones, pretty much from when it arrived on the App Store. They’re based in the Netherlands with a London office, and they’ve replaced the Met Ofgice as the Beeb’s weather service.
    If you pay for their premium service, you get hourly forecasts, plus a whole range of other forecasts like snow for the skiing season.
    The precipitation radar is very good as well.

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