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  • Railing corners on a hardtail?
  • Had a great ride last night and tried to actively use moto-style cornering as well as MTB-style cornering. What I noticed is that if you fluidly move between the two techniques it covers all situations – so essentially there’s moto-style and MTB-style body technique plus major corner and slalom corner technique, and each pair of techniques can be mixed and matched – which has to happen subconsciously. Of course great riders do all this without even thinking about it, but it’s interesting to note how if you’ve thought about it and practised it beforehand it happens pretty naturally even if you’re far from a natural (like me!)

    Moto-style technique seems to be particularly beneficial when riding a bike on terrain that’s too ‘easy’ for it – basically wherever your suspension can easily handle the bumps but the front-centre length means that the front wheel isn’t sufficiently weighted on flatter gradients. In other words, riding slacker longer travel bikes on twisty woodland singletrack.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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