Ragley mmmBop, Cotic Soul, Orange P7… which frame?

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  • Ragley mmmBop, Cotic Soul, Orange P7… which frame?
  • AndrewBF

    As per the title. Am thinking of building something new. For general XC use.

    I’ll welcome your thoughts on a frame to base the steed around.


    Not ridden the Ragley, but I’d say the Soul. P7s are fairly overpriced, heavy and have geometry that I just can’t get along with for some reason, but that doesn’t mean you won’t like it.


    Dialled PA.


    I rode a soul around whinlatter before I got the mmmbop. Really did like the soul (I still think about it daily!) and in comparison the mmmbop feels like a harsh ride. Went for the mmmbop as I wanted something I could build up burly with bigger forks for steeper stuff… and it was super cheap.

    If I was looking for a day to day trail bike I’d have probably gone for the soul… or maybe a blue pig.


    Haven’t tried the Soul but the geometry seems the same as my BFe which feels great! Have only given it a quick bridleway test ride at the minute though but its first proper ride is tomorrow so look out for a thread in the eve 🙂

    My completely biased view – cotic soul all the way…..its a beast of a bike 🙂


    My BFe feels great, had a P7 which I didn’t get on that well with, ditto 456, dunno anything about mmmbop, but based on my BFe experience I would get a Soul without hesitation.


    Kinesis Decade is good value and versatile.


    For general XC use, Soul all the way.

    Mmmbop is a more aggro frame designed for steep ups and downs.
    P7 is bomproof but heavy.

    Premier Icon doom_mountain

    Definately the soul, worth the extra pennies.
    Love my soda to bits, geometry is great for getting into / out of trouble (delete as necessary)


    Lot of love for the Soul on this thread…

    I already ride a P7 but didn’t want to mention that early on so as not to bias the views.

    Might be time for a change 🙂

    Premier Icon martymac

    ive got a p7 too, i definately wouldnt describe it as light.
    id buy another though, coz it fits me really well.
    whatever you get, dont ignore correct fit.
    im not in any way trying to put you off changing, btw.

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