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  • Ragley Bigwig – Yes or No?
  • Yetiman

    Kovaldesign – yes, it’s a Saint mech, with a 30t RF narrow wide chain ring. But since that photo was taken I’ve gone 10 speed, so I’m now running an X9 Type 2 short cage mech and X9 shifter combo. This is my first time running Sram, and so far so good, but the X9 mech doesn’t half stick out compared to my previous shadow mechs.


    Scandal – it’s Kirkhill forest, just outside Aberdeen.



    Hello all , hope you can see the photo of my wig from Greece.


    Hi pxatzis, nice ride! I dare to say the proportions of the 18″ frame version are spot on for my eye 🙂
    I hope it does what it says on the tin and you are a very happy owner.

    Mine (since the picture taken earlier this year) has done 3 x 2-days trips (no it’s not my everyday bike) and I must say I love all the moments, even the 20-30km tarmac sections were not a trouble with lighter tyres.

    Cheers to all!


    Just seen the reply, so sorry for the late answer.

    The 18” is perfect for my 1,85m high and since the original photo I’ve added a reverb dropper post and a different saddle.

    It’s more or less my main rig as my rocky mountain etsx stays @ home .

    Very different feeling coming from a XC FS but nice and interesting. It makes the usual paths close to home a new experience.

    I need to see how I’ll feel after a longer ride ( more than the usual 25k ).

    Link to a pic with my wife’s specialised up inthe mount Parnitha @Athens


Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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