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  • RadR AND a GoatLink or similar?
  • BadlyWiredDog
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    Just wondering if anyone’s used a RadR and a GoatLink at the same time and, if so, did it work okay. I’m running a 1×10-speed drivetrain wtih an 11-42 Zee mech fitted with a RadR cage. I’d like to up the cassette to an 11-46 without fitting a new mech, which is bastard hard to find and expensive, so I’m thinking fitting a GoatLink or similar might work. Any obvious – or tragically obscure – reason why it shouldn’t?

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    Have you got the Radr already fully wound out (on the b-tension screw)? It was years ago I had one, but thought there might still be adjustment to spare?

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    Yes, I tried that, didn’t quite work. I think I’ll just pick up a cheap GoatLink copy and give it a go.

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    Would be interested to know if this works, I bent the bit that a goatlink replaces on my Saint mech and it will cost £35 to replace when a goatlink is £20…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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