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    will be on listen again later I guess.

    Trey and Daniel Whyte's talent on the BMX track has resulted in progress to an Olympic qualifying event in the south of France. Within the space of six months they have seen their lives transformed, moving from a makeshift BMX track on their Peckham estate to preparations for the event in Nice. The ruthlessness learnt on their run-down estate undoubtedly helps them on the race track, but will it also make it harder for them to adjust to their new lives?

    In preparation for the event, Daniel has moved to the UK's cycling academy in Manchester and 15-year-old Trey has been combining time there with his studies back in London at the Peckham Academy. Their cycle coach believes the edge needed to live in places like Peckham has given the boys a real advantage on the track. Daniel in particular is considered fearless by his rivals, and he gives an insight into his life before he took up cycling, and exactly how much trouble he was in.

    It was a chance encounter with CK Flash, a part-time DJ and local BMX enthusiast, which led to the brothers taking up BMX riding and later resulted in parents forming a Peckham club which is now one of the best in the country. The Whyte brothers have their sights set on the London Olympics, but how much will they be able to adapt to the changes they face as 2012 approaches?

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    "They head off for Nice"

    Dad – "Got your pedals? Spare pedals? Spare tubes?"

    I wish my Dad helped me pack sometimes…

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    bmx tracks will save society from bored / restless teenagers.

    Does anyone know if the olympic training track in East Manchester got saved?


    they'll fit in in nice just fine!


    That's a great story. It may even have made my afternoon….

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    yes, it was rather heartwarming. Especially convincing the kid with the stolen bike to give it back.


    Excellent – nice link.

    Whyte bikes should do them a couple of frames…

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    Cool, Must have seen them at the open fun races last (?) summer.

    CK lent me his lid, as I didn't have a full face helmet.

    Great day, great atmosphere, great people, glad things are going well for them.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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