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  • Radio 4 afternoon play now "come on Beryl"
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    a good listen

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    Bollox. Was on a conference call. Missed it.

    Did you hear the interview with Maxine Peake and Charlie Burton on Woman’s Hour? Also worth a listen, if only for Jenni Murray’s slightly confused tone at Beryl’s decision to be a cyclist….

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    If you have 45 mins to spare, look it up on Iplayer
    She was an outstanding cyclist and its quite funny at times

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    She was an outstanding cyclist

    Almost an understatement, given her dominance of women’s racing. Born half a century later, and she’d have been… on Strictly Come Dancing.


    Beryl Burton’s Book of Records
    10 miles: 21:25 (1973) stood for 20 years
    25 miles: 53:21 (1976) stood for 20 years
    30 miles: 1:08:36 (1981) stood for 10 years
    50 miles: 1:51:30 (1976) stood for 20 years
    100 miles: 3:55:05 (1968) stood for 18 years
    12-hour: 277.25m (1967) still stands

    “No other British sportswoman has dominated their field in the way that Beryl Burton dominated the world of cycling. As Velo Gotha, the Belgian-published bible of cycling facts and figures succinctly puts it: “She was the best known and most successful woman cyclist.”
    In the course of a career that spanned five decades, the fiercely competitive Yorkshirewoman won seven world titles – two road race championships and five track pursuit titles – and 96 national titles – 12 road race championships, 13 pursuit titles and 71 time trial titles against the clock.”


    I though I was well aware of the myths and records in B&W, and by chance was in the car yesterday afternoon and was listening. Even if you think you know about this outstanding lady and her achievements, please listen to the article, you will be amazed at what she did and how she did it and the personal sacrifices she made along the way – it’s a real inspiration to us all……

    Even had a little cry at the end…. 😯


    Was good….strange woman though, refusing to shake her daughters hand after she’d lost a sprint to her, and then making her ride home to teach her a lesson…makes lance look soft.

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