Rad Company – Anyone managed to buy it?!

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  • Rad Company – Anyone managed to buy it?!
  • wiggles

    Trying to buy it on google play but on my phone says not available in your country and just doesn’t seem to work at all on the chromebook 🙁

    Really wanted to watch it…


    It’s on iTunes but haven’t had chance to download it yet-


    Google Play doesn’t do movies in the UK, as I’ve just found out by wasting a code I got with a Blu-ray DVD.


    Downloading it right now from iTunes.


    Bought it on iTunes, I fell asleep watching it


    Damn, will have to wait for a blu-ray then…

    We saw the premiere in Vancouver (the North Shore to be exact 8) ).

    It was a pretty big event and I’m very certain the event company hired an awful lot of glamorous girls to stroll around and try to make a gathering of T-Shirted and denimed mountainbikers look sexy.

    There were some awesome sections where I genuinely saw moves I haven’t seen before, I liked the ongoing homage to the DJ in ‘The Warriors’ and liked a lot of the soundtrack.

    Couple of scenes seemed overly ‘artsy’ though, and I could definitely imagine drifting off to them if I’d had a couple and was just sitting at home. Thankfully I was in a crowd of whooping bikers full of Red Bull 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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