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  • mcboo

    Verbier – we go every couple of years with the family.

    Our kids are about the same age, we tend to hang out at the outdoor pool, go for big walks in the woods and do day trips to the mountain zoo, see the dogs at Grand St Bernard, drive up to the big dam for a scary look see over the edge and just generally hang out. The pool is great, where else can you splash around in 30c heat and look out at a glacier on the Italian border. Also, Verbier is a really lovely town, nice and compact but loads going on in the summer. All the bars and restaraunts open up again for the summer season (June-Sep I think) and you have the music festivals, show jumping etc etc. its all good if not cheap.

    Riding wise I may well take my Ti456 next time, take the lift up and ride around the top or do some of the big tours from town. Are plenty of lovely single track trails you can go on with a hardtail too and the bikepark above town isnt all black-run madness, plenty of fantastic riding. I get up early, ride for a bit then go join the family….everyone is happy.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Second Verbier loads for the family to do, although most of the time our two girls are out on the bikes with us

    From a few years ago but they still want to, and do, go back every year


    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    with some conditions attached:
    -must be family friendlyish (wife, 2, and 4 year old won't be riding) with some stuff to see/do for them
    -as close to Calais as possible, since we have a shedload of Eurotunnel tickets to use
    -trails accessible to a nearly 50 year old on a ti456 who's going to be riding by themselves and has f'all experience of trail centres.

    I'm looking for uplifts because I may only be able to spare a couple of hours or so a day for riding- I've got my family with me.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    thought about germany?

    I know there are lifts and stuff at Wildbad near Strasbourg, which is a bit closer than the french alps.

    and a friend of mine raves about northern germany, which is even closer, but i forget the names of the towns…

    edit: – winterberg! it's just the other side of belgium it's supposed to be really quite good – i just found this link on another forumy thing


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