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  • Raceface PFBB30 bearing replacement – wisdom required
  • KZP894

    I have a bike with a race face PFBB30 adaptor which means I can run my 24mm spindle RF cranks – all good.

    The adaptor is one of these: http://www.raceface.com/components/bottom-brackets/bottom-brackets/bb30-x-type-adapter/

    The bearings have died and I need to replace them, I see no need to replace the entire adaptor unit, just the bearing race.

    Does any one have any experience of removing the bearings from the adaptor? Ideally I would like to keep the adaptor in the frame whilst carrying out the procedure.

    Many thanks


    Thought I would answer my own question, just incase anyone else has the same issue.

    The tool required is the Park BBT 90.3 one of these:

    This effortlessly removes the bearings without removing the adaptor from the frame.

    Bearings can ben be pressed back into the adaptor using a headset press and the bushings provided with the BBT 90.3. To get the bearing back the last part I used the old bearing as a drift.

    If you are still reading and interested the bearing size is 6805-2RS which I purchased for £4 each from our local bearing supplier.

    That’s it, preserved for the archives.


    thanks a timely post, I’m currently researching what bb to get for my bb-30 shelled frame and sram force giga-xpipe cranks and i’m probably going to get the wheelsMFG bb that screws together as the praxis works one is 8 weeks away from being in stock, it will be nice to be able to replace the bearings instead of a new bb so it’s good to know there are tools out there to do so.
    it’s a shame that there isn’t a screw together sleeve that takes external bb hollow tech/sram/fsa etc bb cups. there is the sram one that you loctite in (but no threads to guarantee parallel bearings) and an fsa sleeve you bash in, neither are ideal.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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