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  • Premier Icon crispo

    Anybody heard of this event or done it?

    Group of us from work are considering entering it. Basically 40km bike from Penrith to Thirlmere, then hike up Helvelyn, 3km canoe on Thirlmere, then 40km back to Penrith via Keswick.

    Sounds a BIG day out but wondering if anyone else has done it before?


    I did it 3 years ago & to be honest its pretty easy if you take a reasonable pace if you go flat out then its more of a challenge. Pretty much all of the riding is roads apart from the old coach road which is the only fun bit,to be honest its more of a fund raiser for folks who think they are into outdoor pursuits!

    Premier Icon crispo

    What kind of time did you do it in then? Also was it a mountain bike or road bike jobby then?

    Yeah it’s a fund raising thing with work but thought it sounded quite a good laugh and more of a challenge than a sponsored walk!


    that sounds like fun. What route up hellvelyn? from the south of thirlmere at Wythburn? quite a steep ascent in places but varied and interesting, standard zig zags after you get out of the woods. & then down over lower man to the carpark just at the end of the woods perhaps?

    EDIT: just looked at the brochure, you’re up and down on the same route at the very north of Thirlmere. Looks like you’re on the C2C route out of keswick and up to greystoke. Mostly off road for the first part and then rural roads.

    What a shame no single participants allowed. 🙁

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Great fun. We did it a few years back (3/4 maybe). Would highly recomend but we struggled to get the required £2,000 sponsorship. We did in the end but I’d prefer not to have such a high target.

    The event is not that difficult. Think we were a little over 7 hours and that’s with the Mrs who refused to break a sweat. On mountain bikes.

    We had fantastic weather which really made the day. A little peeved as we finished 4th (I know it’s not a race). Missed second because I spent 25 minutes with a lovely chap who’d fallen off mending his bike.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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