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  • BearBack

    Whats the current favorite/on trend format for mtb race formats?

    Over here we have all manner of races:
    The biggest event is the 67km Test of Metal, every year since 1996 with 1000 competitors and the fastest its ever sold out was some 34 minutes! Distance aside, it has terrain for everyone and isn’t too technically challenging.
    We then have similar length (+50km) technical XC races that if you can’t ride some pretty full on trails then you’ll not be very happy.
    Weekly XC races that are a sub hour sprint still with significant technical aspect
    The more recent trend has been towards high effort races with significant tecnical aspect and often including timed descent sections in some pretty ‘gnarly’ trails.
    Then there are a few multi stage races over 1 or 2 days that try to assess the best rider as a whole. XC, DH, Endure, trials all on one bike, same spec for every stage.

    So, what race format gets you excited?

    What kind of race would you want to do?

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