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  • Race Face Turbine teeth failure?
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    I’ve now had a tooth fail on two Turbine 10s 38T chainrings at the same point.
    I replaced the first ring thinking it was a one-off event but when the second unit failed within weeks, this could indicate a manufacturing or design problem.
    RF replaced the first but are rejecting the second return as 2damage not covered under warranty”.
    The missing tooth is next to the pin by the crank arm, where is is protected from any bashes.
    I’m open to a logical explanation but am struggling to see what the user damage could possibly be?

    RaceFace Turbine 10 Speed Chainring – 38t – 120mm BCD – Black
    ID: 321308
    Unit Price: £45.99

    Any wisdom out there from the hive?

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    I have a bent one in the same place on my turbine outer ring. Running an e13 TRS with taco so I can’t see how I have done it either.

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    Interesting. I’ve a MRP bash guard too.
    Would a tight chain or wrong chain line stress that tooth more?
    I’m open to an explanation other than the ring design.

    I had a lovely lightweight delecate laser etched rf chainringon my 1×9. It snapped. Probably a flying rock. Got Hope now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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